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What is success? Is it love? A caring family? Making lots of money? Or just plain happiness? Is success doing what you want to do? Or spending all your time doing what you don’t want to do for benefit? Is it winning in a part of a competition yet surrendering yourself? A wise man once told me, “If you don’t want to be in the rat race, don’t be a rat!” I’ve had a bit of success lately in my art business, but still ashamed to say it with respect to other people. Much of my career has been easy, playing guitar outdoors for tips in a hat, selling art on the street, writing self-published illustrated books and signing them,  And as down and out as I was, young people find my life to have been exciting. I’ve sold in galleries, coffeehouses, been in museums, studied in Italy. They’ve called me talented, genius, gifted and a free thinker. Yet in spite all of those compliments, I still have trouble cooking or working the laundry machine.  Success is a meaning of life, Like an artist approaches a blank canvas, he knows he has only one shot at making a painting out of it, so he’d better make something good. What will your painting be?



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