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Statement to the Press

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1. Statement to the Press
3. Mom asks to see my therapist after dad dies, I agree. Therapist suddenly suggests conservatorship and institutionalization after eight years of successful treatment. I fire the therapist. Mom was partial payment of her treatment.
4. I get a call from my lawyer, he is now representing my mother and not me. I am to do exactly as he says or there will be “Consequences” including not receiving my medications that my mother turned over to him.
5. I tell the social worker that I need a new psychologist. She asked what happened and was concerned about the psychologist and the lawyer stating the fact that I haven’t seen the will. The social worker, my psychiatrist and the outpatient program recommend that I ask to see the will claiming I have a legal right to as I am included as a beneficiary whether directly or remote.
6. I ask to see the will and all hell breaks loose. My mother cuts off all financial funding of me and all members of the family block me leaving no record, even online, of how to contact them including my brother, Mike Joyce, the executor of the will.
7. I am cut off financially and mother states her desire to “throw me to the streets!” In other words force homelessness on me.
8. My little brother Bob refuses to work for me anymore transporting art and boxes for my art business. My business collapses other than online transactions. Robert Joyce, my brother, Bob and his wife Roz, received free rent at a house owned by the family business as well as a car and a legal education claimed to have been provided by Michael Joyce, the executor of the will and trust.
9. Still, I was unalloyed to view the trust. This was investigated by the Department of Rehabilitation for charges of fiduciary abuse of a trust and abuse of a disabled adult and mom simply refused to show the will claiming I wasn’t on it and denied all abuse including the legal withholding of my psychotropic medications
10. The medicine was retrieved from the attorney now working for my mother, Doug Whittemore.
11. After two years, a copy of the will was prepared for me by the attorney, Whittemore, and mentioned on it that I am to receive a portion of the remainder of the inheritance after the death of my mother, Mary Joyce. The attorney is known for manipulating paperwork. Witness can be summoned.
12. My aunt Beverly Suneson, my bother, Patrick Joyce and even my mother had all previously told me that during the time of his passing and cancer, my father, Larry Joyce, had made extensive plans for me to be cared for including a stipend of roughly $1000 per month (rent at one of his houses) in fear that my bipolar disorder would cause me to spend the money all at once if given a lump sum.
13. All was later denied confessing that an earlier copy of the will was used and that none of my father’s intentions were written or prepared by my brother, Mike or my mother, during the time of his cancer.
14. I enquire about the trust to my mother and the police are called for the first time. Roz Joyce can be seen on video speaking to the police and legally advising my mother.
15. I was charged with breaking and entering into my mother’s home when my mother wasn’t there. However with the help of Roz and Bob’s legal advice, I was convicted of First Strike Residential Burglary and was raped in jail. All I did was go to my mother’s home to inquire about the trust.
16. A meeting was held with Bob, Mike, Mom and myself to see if something could be done about my financial situation. When asked if he could remove the sanctions and aid in housing, my brother Mike repeatedly laughed and stated, “Buy a lottery ticket!”
17. When asked why I was so harshly treated, Mike simply says, “He’s an asshole!” I was even instructed to call myself an asshole in order to receive aid that was soon removed.
18. Through Roz and Bob’s legal assistance, mother was able to establish a restraining order on thee grounds of elder abuse although no abuse physically or verbally actually occurred. My sister-in -law, Roz, remained present advising my eighty year-old mother throughout the trial. Although the judge agreed there was mishandling of the funds, I was issued the legal action on the grounds that money was involved. That would be me asking about the trust.
19. Two years passed and my girlfriend and I visited my mother several times as mom stopped honoring the restraining order. However, anytime mention of money or the trust came up, my large brother, Bob Joyce, would rise assaultively and ask me to leave.
20. I visited my mother on my own taking the bus and asked about the trust stating I needed the money for the business she destroyed to survive and become self-sufficient. She said, “Why don’t you just stop that business, you’re not making any money,” and called the police. I was arrested and taken to county jail charged with violation of a restraining order. Although once again, there was no physical or verbal abuse, I am being charged with domestic violence. I believe this charge was elevated with the help of Roz and Bob Joyce who sucked up so much of the trust for themselves so they can continue to do so.
21. If jailed, it is likely I will be raped again or possibly killed for speaking out. Mother and the whole family know this while denying any action to favor it.
22. During the meeting with my brother Mike, Bob was delegated responsible for my share of the trust.
23. Roz and Bob have filed restraining orders so I have no way to retrieve any of the funds.
24. Much of this time I have been homeless or drifting from group home to group homes often hospitalized for suicide attempts due to the trauma brought about by my family.


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