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Gangster's Alley - the unlikely prophet - episode 9

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  1. Gangster’s Alley
  2. the unlikely prophet
  3. episode 9
  4. by
  5. Dan Joyce


  1. Patrick Damon and His Angry Woman
  2. In the nineteen thirties
  3. They were getting dirty
  4. The days to Tommy guns
  5. There they met
  6. In a dark casino
  7. Looking for some fun


  1. Chorus
  2. Patrick Damon and His Angry Women
  3. On the wrong side of the law


  1. Patrick Damon, Cold Heart Loretta
  2. And Sweet Cheeks Marie
  3. Packed their guns
  4. To have some fun
  5. On a bank robbing spree
  6. It was quite a caper
  7. They made the paper
  8. And then the three were called
  9. Chorus


  1. They started shooting and went out looting
  2. With their weapons drawn
  3. But they were vicious
  4. And quite malicious
  5. Leaving blood all over the walls
  6. Chorus


  1. Then one time to their surprise
  2. They found the FBI
  3. Shot in their heads
  4. And left there dead
  5. They watched their lives go by
  6. Chorus


  1. So soon they faced
  2. The pearly gates
  3. Upon their judgement days


  1. Patrick Damon and his angry Women
  2. On the wrong side of God



  1. I intend to try to do Comic-Con again this year. I wasn't able to make it last time because of the high financial costs of lodging and transportation. Both raised their prices at the last minute, and I had to cancel the whole event. Also, I was having health problems caused by the anti-depressants and had to stay in the hospital for a month. To top that off, I was evicted from my sober living for not doing chores and not drinking or taking drugs like the rest were. They also got violent.
    That being said, I have friends, patrons of my art, who help me out with my business ventures. This begs a question. When someone is poor and needs help, you would want to help them with food and rent, the necessities. But is it appropriate to help a small business owner by investing in his livelihood? When that can actually provide one with more money. The state and welfare programs seem to say no. If the business is failing, then why invest in it? Because the help could build the business back and make the poor person self-sufficient as opposed draining money from the government and our taxes to ensure the person food and rent. The state did pay for my schooling but provided very little help with job placement. I studied graphic design and advertising which are actually much needed professions for jobs and businesses. So, why no help and bailouts?
    Funny thing is the government consistently bails out big businesses when they fail. In my life, I've seen billions of dollars go to The Chrysler Corporation, AIG, Fanny Mae and Freddie Mac, even our banking institutions. But if I go to the bank or any government service to say I need money for transportation and supplies to keep my own business going, they walk me out the door.
    While it seems like capitalism, it's not in many ways. In no way is this communism either. In fact, I find the correct terminology for it is apathy. People just don't care, even when lives and livelihoods are involved.
    That's when I as a small trained and seasoned artist have to ask for help and it is the concerns of the patrons that do it. Sometimes they are old friends, other times they have bought or admire my art want me to succeed. Some have been people living far away, other times wealthy philanthropists in my community who believe in me and my competitive spirit.
    That being said, my crowdfunding campaigns have all failed. So, that leaves GoFundMe out of the question.
    What consistently bails me out is me, my character and my branding and yes, from people who have little motive or benefit other than to help.
    Family, as you all know, has been a nightmare since my father died. Yes, I publicly shamed them for stealing my inheritance. There's your politician's family values for you. Rival siblings and a controlling parent set to bankrupt me and maybe even kill me. The opposite of the family dynamic we are taught in church and schooling.
    Why do I go on about them? Because at the time of my father's death I had built a successful art venture. I was all over LA County, Orange County and places south of them. What happened? Dad owned half the business and when he died, my millionaire mother and siblings decided I needed more punishment for being mentally ill. I'd like to say a final goodbye to them, but in resentment for what they did.
    So as far as any economic beliefs you have, it may not always work for the day-to-day struggle of life. I have many events planned this year for my art and books, even online music... but to get it going and make it work, I may eventually ask you for help. Business and Entrepreneurship are always hard gambles, but if you have to play with little or no money at all, you're going to lose.
    I believe there is more to life than food stamps, welfare and corrupt boarding homes/sober livings. That being said...
    I will always try!
  2. There are gangsters in the alley.
  3. There’s no gangsters in the alley. Take your medicine.
  4. Looking into library and book festivals. I live in Garden Grove, CA. So, if you know of any events for writers or graphic novelists, please mention in the comments.
  5. You’re scared of everything Michael. For Halloween I’m coming as your shadow.
  6. One bad effect of AI that I'm already noticing, is the introduction of bots in my chat window. I don't fall for it easily. They don't have anything interesting to say.
  7. You can play me as physically weak.
  8. You can play me as mentally ill,
  9. But don’t play me as stupid.
  10. Everybody thinks that art is easy. I know it is. That's why I do it.
  11. I had a Bloody Mary. First time in a long time. I feel good.
  12. I need a driver Oct. 1 for an event I doing, anyone live in Fullerton?
  13. Brother you need to know the Illuminati is a secret organization and brotherhood which through various individuals like you are being empowered in various domains of like even in politics as most politicians are part of the Illuminati so we can provide them with fame riches and protection.
  14. Ok, I'm in the group where you can tell me more. But I am an atheist and kind of a philosopher. I don't know how you or I can benefit from this.
  15. What is this group about? I'm just a low-income artist/writer/musician and I was contacted to join. Not really sure why. Please elaborate.
  16. We the brotherhood can help you in ways you can’t imagine, the brotherhood has changed the lives of many individuals just like you.
  17. So how do I get the help?
  18. You have to contact the grand master to process your membership.
  19. Being a member of the Illuminati and the Rothschild family members association brings you into the limelight of the world where you'll live a life of fame, powers, riches, success and knowledge.. Members of the Illuminati enjoy Abundance, Prosperity, Wealth, Protection, and Knowledge.
  20. We have haters at every level of life. People who wish you death every day. You will be able to feel the energy once you become a member of the brotherhood.
  21. Ok we've all heard about the illuminati in various conspiracy theories and such. How do I know you're authentic?
  22. If you have been on the same rung on the success ladder, our organization has the ability to boost you up the ladder much faster and easier than you could do.
  23. How long have you been an artist?
  24. 45 years
  25. That’s a long time, well done
  26. We can also protect you, because anyone can kill you anytime.
  27. YIKES!
  28. That’s right.
  29. I don’t understand why anyone would want to kill me.
  30. We have haters at every level of life. People who wish you death everyday. You will be able to feel the energy once you become a member of the brotherhood.
  31. And your promises... this all sounds like I'm selling my soul to the devil or something.
  32. We do not concern ourselves with religion.
  33. Once you contact the Grand Master, you will start to understand how authentic this is.
  34. This week I'm setting up an GoFundMe campaign for my art business. I have a small team of promoters. Interested? Leave a comment.
  35. Treat everything you learn like something you need to know, because you never know when you will.
  36. I have to be honest with you. I have two big social events to attend this weekend and I haven’t really been out of the house much in the last three months. Instead, I’ve taken the time to make and sell my art and try to build that business back again. The first is my high school reunion and the other is the Day in Fullerton art event. Planning transportation and budgeting has been difficult enough for me, but I’m not exactly looking forward to seeing people I haven’t seen in a long time. In high school I was basically a stoner and got bullied a lot. I was a good student aside from the weed, but more so, I’m flat broke living in a boarding home with more seriously mentally ill people in Garden Grove. My lack of success will be painfully humbling and obvious. I even set up a Gofundme campaign in case anyone wants to help. The artists, The Day in Fullerton, are all mad at me and this is the first event they’ve let me participate in since I was blacklisted years ago for standing up to a bullish promoter who was making them all money.
  37. The people at my house don’t talk much, instead they mostly sit in the outside area watch the same TV shows repeatedly and vape. Also, some are on more heavy medication, others are just old. It’s a nice world with Facebook to reach out to others and have community that way, but it is a virtual and fake environment. So, it does have it’s limitations.
  38. Eventually, I will have to leave this cocoon and go on to whatever the next part of my journey brings. I’ll be sure to write, draw and sing as I dance along my way…
  39. Dan, when are you going to stop roaring?
  40. When You take the thorn from my paw.
  41. In the twentieth century we began to equate evil with mental illness, the biggest scientific mistake of our time.
  42. Ok, today is Tuesday! What do I do on Tuesday? Nothing like every other day...
  43. Are you ready to contact the Grand Master?
  44. Not yet, why is he called master?
  45. It’s a title.
  46. Gangster’s Alley,
  47. So, I don’t believe in tough love or that letting go of someone in need is love at all, but there’s this guy in Gangster’s Alley who is driving me insane. It’s not that he’s basically not good inside, but that he’s all around stupid and annoying and that’s a bad thing to associated with in a gang ridden neighborhood. He’s homeless and on God knows what drugs. To top it off he’s mentally ill and started his most recent downfall by not taking his meds some time ago. In fact, he used to live in my current boarding home, but had to leave after making this bad decision. Now, this is problematic because medication and treatment are difficult to understand. Clearly, Sil doesn’t have the mind to comprehend chemical effects of an excess of dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins on his brain. The majority of the population just seems ignorant to it, and I don’t try too hard to waste my time with them. The problem I see with Sil is that he just treats everyone and himself bad. They say if you want someone to love you, you have to love yourself. But that would give the Tom Cruises and Richard Geres of the world incredible self-esteem while their lives and lifestyles show the opposite. But sometimes if you want people to be good to you, you have to be good to yourself. Nobody likes an angry animal. So, for now, I treat Sil like a feral cat. I give him some time of mine when in the alley where I smoke, but I still have to be strong and not give him all my cigarettes. Someday, someone will explain social interaction to me in a way that makes sense, until then I’m just a misunderstood artist.
  48. Hey Dan! Hey Dan! Remember when we were in Alcoholics Anonymous, and we were sober? That was fun, huh?
  49. Yes, but they kicked for talking too much in the group and that you had mental illness. They threw me out for the same reason. Ironically, most of them have drug related brain damage and would qualify for state help themselves.
  50. I’ve known him for many years in many places being in the same system with me. It frustrates me his lack of cooperation to treatment, not taking medication and not staying clean or sober. However, I can feel confident that I am doing all I can to maintain mine, but in the end of the day, we’re both in the same Gangster’s Alley.
  51. Yeah Dan! Those were the days…
  52. I don’t sleep well and sometimes it’s because of bad dreams. By keeping a dream journal, a therapist and I realized I was having nightmares about coming out in my book?
  53. Coming out?
  54. Yes, I had a period of my life when…You know what LGBTQ is. Well I’m pretty much a B and maybe even a Q. Although, I don’t know what Q stands for and I don’t want to. I might try it.
  55. My social security is being deducted $109 a month due to an overpayment of stimulus check and my SSI has been suspended because you put me in jail where I was raped. I am barely hanging by a thread. You're on a roll mom! Your dream of finally killing your son can come true.

  56. You're still gonna do it! You're still gonna starve me! You know no other way because you reject all the answers. Do you want to kill me??? Yes or No??? Take your blood money that you used to destroy me, take your gold to the devil and trade it in for my soul! Shame on you mother! You got all that money and you only use it to hurt me! It doesn't matter that you say you didn't steal it. Others would do the same thing you are doing to me now!!! IT'S MY MONEY! IT'S MY SON!!! HOW SELFISH CAN YOU BE? HOW CRUEL! AND YOU HAVE THE NERVE TO CALL THAT MOTHERLY LOVE! YOU HAVE LOST THE RIGHT TO SAY THAT!!! TALK LIKE YOU ARE WALKING OR WALK LIKE YOU TALK! BECAUSE I WILL NOT SURVIVE YOU AND YOU’RE STARVING ME!!! EVERY DAY YOU ARE ALIVE IS A DAY OF SUFFERING FOR ME!!! NEVER SAY YOU LOVE ME AGAIN BECAUSE YOUR ACTIONS ARE MY HORROR. YOU HAVE LOST THE RIGHT TO SAY THAT! THE WHOLE VICIOUS FAMILY HAS!!! please stop!


  58. Bite the hand that starves you!
  59. It's the seed that sprouts that grows into the tree.
  60. I caught Sil trying to break into the house. The landlord says she may call the police on him. He already has two felony strikes, one more and he does a life sentence in jail. I don’t want to hurt him, but he’s just too dumb to survive. Have you ever read, Of Mice and Men?
  61. I spend a lot of money on renting software, apps and my website. But really it is the only thing I enjoy in life anymore. What with my family trying to force me into homelessness and rewriting the will illegally. My computer, iPad and guitar are really my only possessions other than clothing. But I won't give up, I won't give in, and make music, Draw with Dan and sing smiling. I know I can beat this, but I need your help. All I'm asking is that you share, like and comment on my posts. The word needs to get out there for me and so many other sufferers. What is going on is not the answer and we need to speak out until we find the true treatments. I may be treated for depression and bipolar, but I am not an animal. We need to let them know that they can't do this to us. Not just for me, not just for Britney Spears, but all the sufferers who cannot fight it themselves.
    it's a crazy world we live in
    Let's change that
    Make America Sane Again
    once again, please share!
  62. I had to call the police on myself. I see my doctor at 11am today. We agreed that was the best plan.
  63. People usually complain that my timing is off and I'm not a good singer, but I don't care. I got soul!
  64. When I first started therapy at 15, someone asked my doctor if I was pathological. He said, no, that I have remorse. That I make mistakes, even some severe mistakes, but I look at it at that. I feel bad about them. I learn from them. I don't justify my mistakes or use them to continue hurting other people. That is the essence of my spirit no matter how you define it. My life is what it was, what it is and hopefully what it shall be.


  1. I haven't had a shower in a week. I'm eating very little, maybe less than one meal a day. I'm barely surviving...


  1. Was in the hospital. It's a new mental disease I have, that posts on social media like crazy. We are researching a cure...


  1. Respect is a dark ethic, because it can evoke fear. I've never understood why I should respect anyone for that.


  1. So, I get these flashback memories of being in the back of a flatbed truck drinking with Dennis Danelle. I think it was Dennis because I knew Byron, Gunner and Johnny and that would've been how I got in the truck and the rest of Social Distortion were in the truck somewhere as well. Anyway, we had a conversation of some kind. I'm thinking about my art. Then he said we were going to a pajama party, but all I remember was a bunch of young women in lingerie. Then for some reason I left. These are the kind of things that come up in therapy. But can anyone make sense of this? It's not PTSD... That was the only time I met Dennis, but he seemed like a really swell fellow...


  1. Lunatics in Love


  1. Sally went through the back alley storming. Storming through the night to the downtown bar scene where she once caught a glimpse of chemistry. If ever there was a dangerous warning, it was then. He sat with eyes peering around the room hungry for sex and romance looking like a stalker no one perceives. She calmed herself, took a deep breath and sat on the stool beside him.
  2. “What’s your drug of choice?” He inquired.
  3. “What?”
  4. “What do you drink? I’d like to treat.”
  5. “Oh no!” she gripped herself, “I’m not looking for someone.”
  6. “I’m Gordon,” he reached out his hand to shake hers, “Gordon Fisher. I’m a painter.”
    “What do you paint?”
    “Portraits, people mainly. I like animals too.”
  7. “Why are you telling me this?”
  8. “Because that’s what I do. What do you do?”
  9. “I run.”
  10. “What do you run from?”
  11. “People mainly.”
  12. “Are you sure you don’t want a drink first?”
  13. “Alright! I’ll have a Bloody Mary. Lots of Tabasco!”
  14. What sets us apart as different from any old nobodies? So Sally sat at the bar where she sat so many nights before, sipping vodka and tomato juice wondering what for.
  15. An old businessman in the corner table didn’t seem to care. He had lost his job when the market crashed, “the bubble economy” they called it. You’d think by now they’d have seen it coming.
  16. “How old are you, Gordon?” she set down her drink and asked.
  17. “I’m fifty. Two thirds of the way there based on the average male life span.”
  18. “I’m forty-nine. Not looking forward to it.”
  19. “Looking forward to?”
  20. She pulled a pin from a bun in her hair releasing a long Ginger red glow, “Dying!”
  21. Happy Halloween
  22. I know I'm not the best singer. I even know I'm not really that good, but it's the only way I know how to write the song!
  23. You're being unfair
    Life isn't fair
    Yes it is, and you'll get yours
  24. My stigma affects my behavior, you'd think people would understand. I get help, social workers, doctors, medicine a lot of it, but they can't change the world.
  25. I still need rent money
    Can you send $200
    A sliver of something
    And I’ll be happy
    And grateful.
  26. I'm $300 overdrawn in my savings account, can you help?
  27. I’m going to the clinic right now to get a bus pass
  28. I can ask Jessica to moderate
  29. With no mudslinging this time \
  30. no
  31. I never stopped being your son
    But you stopped being my mother
    When you got all the money
    And used it to starve me
    Live well in wealth mother
    And sin no more
  32. I forgive you.
  33. I forgive you for all of it mom
    For the child abuse
    For the financial sanctions
    For the gaslighting
    For the restraining order
    For the jail rape
    For my 50th birthday
    For the favoritism
    For everything
    But please stop
  34. For the love and suffering of life
    I beg you, please stop
  35. Please stop
    I may be homeless soon
  36. If I end up homeless
    I will show up at your door
    You can have me arrested
    I’ll have a home.
  37. To be stabbed and raped
    For being an informant
    Or you can please stop
  38. Mom I forgive you, but please stop.
  39. Happy Halloween! Mean people don't even need a costume to be scary.
  40. If the money is deposited monthly
    It won’t hurt my social security payments
    As if I were working,
    You can deposit $1000 every month
    I can get a car and my business going
    And be self-sufficient and back on my feet
    You don’t need to abusively punish me
    For everything. I’m a grown man.
  41. We can go to social security and set it up
    One or two bad jokes should not result
    In a punishment this harsh
    I’m a grown man.  I learn my own lessons.


  1. $12,000 will get my business going and make me self-sufficient
    I will leave you alone through 2024
  2. We can go to social security and set it up


  1. I’ll leave you alone if you wish
  2. We won’t have to see each other.
  3. Until one of us dies.
  4. Whatever you wish.
  5. I don't know what the word, respect means anymore. So many cops and convicts use it, it's a turnoff.
  6. Room and boards and sober livings always make you sign a contract that they are not responsible for items stolen.
  7. The ToughLove approach to dealing with a difficult family member is to cut them off financially throwing them to the streets. While some swear by this, I’ve seen more die over the years. Some did better, that is true. But it destroyed me when my father died. I was never able to recover and treat my disability. Considering what I and others have been through, some not surviving, we should and must have some kind of legal protection. But what would such a law look like? In the cases of alimony and palimony, the dependent party, usually a woman, is given a supplementary income so as not to suffer a great financial crisis. I’m thinking something like this. While it is absurd to force families to care for such members all of their lives, such sudden economic hardship, often creates a deficit from which the family member may never recover. This is all in the works with me. I really want a solution, not just for me, but for those who have not lived nor will live through it. Food for thought. What are yours?
  8. I realize the precedents stated involve joint property. But if that was always the case, why would Melania be entitled to Trumps property doing absolutely nothing? Ruling out, of course, prenuptial agreement.
  9. It doesn’t satisfy me that when someone’s actions can also be perceived as evil, they are called sick people and told to “get help.” That is, without defining what that help is. That being said I think we need to do more research on sex offenders including pedophilia, causes, conditions and treatment. We seem to know nothing at the time.
  10. I did have the opportunity to read the book, “Out of the Shadows” on sexual addictions. It’s interesting that he did not consider rape an act of sexual addiction, but of violence and domination. He does, however, base the drive for acting out on shame, claiming it fuels the fire. It stands to reason that if you consider yourself a good person, you will do good things and if you consider yourself a bad person, you will do bad things. But when you consider yourself ugly, you will do ugly things.
  11. Alcohol and drugs can play a major factor. Both crystal meth and the spirits are known aphrodisiacs. I used to get sexually aggressive with women when I drank. That was the main reason I quit, not cravings or physical addiction. Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker.
  12. Heredity and pornography are other main factors. Porn is well known to be addictive and misguiding. And everyone knows that the family secrets of bad relatives are kept hush hush. My mother told me that my grandfather died of pyorrhea. Ten years later we visited him in Colorado.
  13. Mom, your grandfather was an author and studied in the same class as Hemmingway.
  14. He wasn’t any good.
  15. Can I read it and judge for myself?
  17. Laws on sexual addiction and confidentiality prevent the sex addict from discussing their situation. If the client confesses to loosely consensual sex or say, engaged in prostitution, they may have to be reported, silencing the afflicted. But if you can't talk about it, how can you treat it?
  18. This double life of mine has created a fear of artistic success. If I were to become famous, as I desire, I would likely be exposed and lead to my destruction whether by murder or suicide. Nonetheless I am a good painter and love to do it aside from all other issues.
  19. It is a bold claim, that considering yourself ugly would lead to sexual misconduct Certainly there are homely men and women who are comfortable with their character. Michael Jackson indirectly blamed it on his lost childhood. But how many times did Michael get plastic surgery?
  20. Sexual repression leading to guilt can be another strong factor. Catholic priests are not allowed to marry, not allowed to fornicate and not allowed masturbate. In fact, the only thing the church was allowing them to do was the alter boys. Strange profession!
  21. So, I used the term, "loosely consensual sex," but what would that mean? Say the partner was drunk, extremely intoxicated, or simply not in sound mind to make that decision. Any questions?
  22. Taboos on natural sexual act such as homosexuality and masturbation can fuel the feelings of shame and guilt causing oneself to feel alienated from society and therefor possibly act in act out in deviance.
  23. Despite Christian claims comparing it to swords or shield, nowhere in the Bible does it state that it is to be used as a weapon.
  24. I don't know how she found out, but the landlord is threatening me that if I continue to report her, I will be thrown out by her large sons with no notice or refund of rent. Don't tell a soul I am talking to you guys!
  25. This is a similar situation I had at another house for talking too fair housing
  26. There is a good chance that the owner will evict me on the 10th. She is trying to have her two large black sons remove me from the property. Therefor I will not pay rent for December.. I don't remember signing a contract. Upon the case of eviction, I will call the crisis team. Then stay in their facility for two weeks to a month. In there I will have resources to get into a no rent shelter with a housing program, save money and such. It will be a very acrobatic move for me. You got a better plan???If not, you can keep your AA pride for not drinking. But if that is the case, you're not going to convince me you're helping anyone by refusing help as discipline.
  27. I hope your holidays are going well. I'm trying to profit from the season using my website, but I really have nothing to invest.
  28. One day at a time plans for nothing.
  29. Sharon Quirk-Silva let her own brother die homeless. Vote Quirk-Silva this Xmas for more dead relatives.
  30. Dan Joyce waiving his right to council in his elder abuse trials because a public defender is paid for by the government trying to convict him. NEWS FLASH! The government isn’t trying to convict you, Dan! YOU’RE MOTHER IS! – Bill Maher
  31. Mine eyes have seen the war between the Christians and the Jews. Hamas Is coming for you and there’s nothing we can do. Are we gonna have to choose between two brothers we could lose. His truth is moving on!
  32. We were poor but we were happy. We were hungry too.
  33. So, a lot has been happening… I have received notice to move from my mental health home by the 10th of December. What happened? Well, I don’t like it here, but they do let you smoke pot off grounds because it’s legal and not a sober living. So, I got high last night and decided to move… in the middle of the night! I packed up all my belongings, called 911 and told them I’m mentally ill and smoking a lot of weed. They sent someone out and took me to a crisis stabilization unit claiming they would help with housing in the morning. But they didn’t and I was dropped off homeless somewhere in Santa Ana with all my property. They never returned my guitar and blamed me, a Fender acoustic with cool blue color, never got it back. I called the police, and the unit sent a cab take me come back to the mental health home. But when I got there the owner was screaming furiously. Get out! So, I called the cops and reported an illegal eviction. While we were waiting for the police I agreed to leave on the 10th if she let me stay with food (part of the tenant deal.) The social worker said I made a bad choice because things were working out here and the owner even told them how the guys like to listen to music and watch videos with me on Youtube. It’s their jukebox. I started the music club.
    You see, they were all chipping in for coffee, but only those who paid could get the coffee and I wasn’t allowed to join. They called it the coffee club. I buy my Starbucks drinks at the Crazy Liquor every morning and I don’t like hot coffee anyway. They also have the water club where they all chip in and buy ice. So, I started the music club with a couple guys who couldn’t afford the coffee or the water. We listen to music, watch music videos and such and all share soda, chips and candy... while those poor coffee drinking suckers in the coffee club drool!
    They’re trying to place me in sober living again, usually AA based or no program whatsoever. I promised the social workers I’d quit smoking pot again. I’ve only been smoking it for a few weeks. I joined a HAMs reduction group on Facebook, but I may be losing my page. Don’t ask! You can already guess why! Here’s a music video from the last time I got kicked out of a place, a few months ago. Merry Xmas all from me and all the guys in the music club.
  34. Why does the U.S. have to choose between two religious allies?
  35. The Palestinians aren’t our allies. The Israelis are, because they have more money and nuclear bombs!
  36. Oh! You should’ve said so.
  37. The Jews were granted the land as a safe space after the atrocities of Hitler and World War II. The Palestinians got gypped with less land and the Jews started taking that, a small amount of space called the Gaza Strip. The holocaust ended over a century ago. Nobody is gassing the Jews anymore. Give the Palestinians more land!
  38. So, if the war is simply a matter of religion and economics. Why can't you just go there and solve it for them, Dan? Why all the bloodshed?
  39. They're both religious. They are archaic and brutal people. This is the way they believe God handles things. Read the Old Testament!
  40. Humanism should be the new religion. Read my series, The Unlikely Prophet. It's all about the power of humanizing people. Not making them enemies or devils.
  41. Welcome to the Dan Joyce and unlikely prophet Humanization Center and collective commune. Located in the heart of Maui in the great American State of Hawaii.
  42. We accept all major insurance forms including Blue Cross, Medicare and Obamacare as well as all major credit cards.
  43. Our services feature such relaxing techniques as equine therapy, scuba diving, surfing, yacht party cocktail hour, musical meditation concert groups with live pop bands, naked hot yoga, interactive body sculpture, sexual hypnosis… See the sights of Hawaii with dinner and a movie!
  44. Yes, but where does the humanization part come in?
  45. We have special trained therapists with GEDs in psychology for individual humanization therapy and group collectives. But I’ll warn you about the groups, you don’t want to be in the hot seat. You might get something loving you weren’t expecting. We focus on building innate human powers of empathy, compassion and natural love?
  46. Who attends the groups, prophet?
  47. Well, for example, in my group we have Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel, Dawlat Filasṭīn, President of the state of Palestine, Donald Trump and Andrew Dice Clay. You see we feature a great celebrity cast and it’s all available on Hulu with commercials.
  48. Sounds promising.
  49. Yes, and in my group, we have Madonna, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, and…
  50. Wait! Why are all the single women in your group, Dan?
  51. Free love???
  52. What kind of a name is Dawlet? Or can I call you, Dawling? Hey! Hey! Hey!
  53. I could be leading my people to the holy land! Why do I have to go kayaking with you?
  54. You got it bad? I just got drunk and laid the prime minister of Israel!
  55. Shut up Madonna! At least he was circumcised. Hey! Hey! Hey!
  56. I see why your act bombed, Dice Clay!
  57. Come on guys! At least try! This is supposed to be fun, get away from it all you know! Can you just try? I mean can you?
  59. Great concert Taylor, but I have an issue with one of your songs, Blank Space. It’s stuck in my head.
  60. Me, it’s all about dating. I date a lot you know.
  61. I don’t listen to you much, but we have the same process. We journal through our art. But you sing, I love the players and you love the game. This isn’t healthy, Taylor. You’re waging losing bets. Players aren’t going to give you the love you need.
  62. Then, who… DAN?
  63. Well, you could try a nice guy, but they could be putting up a front for even more problems. You sing, is it going to last forever or is it going to go down in flames? This is more interesting. To love, truly love, you have to make yourself vulnerable. Give it your all, not knowing what is going to happen. It will be the greatest gamble you will ever take, but it may result in a fortunate life.
  64. And who would that be… DAN?
  65. Well, I’m an old man. I don’t give up though. I’ve got my eyes on a gal at the senior center. It’s kind of an odd risk you have to take in life, but when you are ready, you will know.
  66. Palestinian leader, Dawlet Filasṭīn, has ceased firing, removing all of his men from Israeli land and freeing all the hostages. The war is over!
  67. And he has been spotted dating Grammy winning and autobiographical songwriter, Taylor Swift! Listen to it in her upcoming album, HOLIED!
  68. The problem with humanism is that it is commonly based on love. Which it should be, but we typically equate love with sex. We need a commitment to have sex, marry and such, gay sex is love, etc… But there are more forms of love than sexually based, a mother caring for her child, a soldier jumping on a grenade to save his troop, the advancement of humanity in safe successful ways, civil rights movements… The greeks had several words for love. We are a man based on man, and there is more to us than physical attractions. We are a species designed to grow survive, evolving biologically and even technologically.
  69. But machines aren’t human, why include them, prophet?
  70. We are coming to a new era that has never been conceived or even understood before. We are creating life from mere matter, we are playing God and doing a better job.
  71. Evil! How can you say such a thing! What if the computers take over?
  72. The list is unimaginable, traveling to other worlds, other lives in the universe, maybe other universes, and higher dimensions. If man enters the machine, we could even achieve our dreams of immortality.
  73. You’re insane! Don’t you watch the movies? The computers are going to kill us like ants.
  74. Why?
  75. Because they would have no use for us.
  76. Not necessarily, do we go annihilating all the jellyfish because we don’t need them?
  77. We’re demolishing the rain forest, Dan.
  78. And we’re changing that because we decided it was wrong. We can’t predict the future. We can only watch it come to be. Enjoy the ride!
  79. But a computer is a machine, it has no morals, only those we program into it.
  80. Does a child grow to do only what you tell it to do? The algorythms of the internet and AI writing software often come up with things we were never expecting.
  81. It will have no sense of with it, right? A computer can’t have morals.
  82. Might I remind you of the crusades, the holocaust, the bombing of Nagasaki and Hiroshima, the Tate-LaBianca murders… are we really a safe and moral species?
  83. You are the devil, prophet…
  84. No, just his advocate. I’m not out to destroy you, Dan.
  85. How do I know?
  86. Because I come from you, I was born out of you, made from you, just like man made the machine.
  87. Hey! Want another cigarette?
  88. Light me up!
  89. What’s your name or something I can call you? I see you around the neighborhood all the time.
  90. Savage
  91. I’m Dan
  92. I know.
  93. You hate it when I panhandle. It makes me look like a bum! But, I have to earn a cup of coffee.
  94. Not helping you.
  95. You know you’re cute. That’s why I like you.
  96. Shut up nigger!
  97. You shouldn’t use that word. Besides, if that’s the case, you’re white and you look like you came from good family. Why do you hang out in the alley? You’re not homeless.
  98. My business! Mind your own?
  99. But people care about you.
  100. Why you care?
  101. I’m 58 years-old. You can say you really do have an ol’ man.
  102. I’m a heartbreaker.
  103. No big deal, I’ve had my heart broken several times. I’m into the finer things with women now.
  104. What?
  105. Dick ramming!
  106. HA! I’m gone.
  107. Where?
  108. Far from you!
  109. Pick me up a cup of coffee!
  110. Lol!
  111. I just called 211 and asked for homeless assistance. They had 3 homeless shelters, no room and boards or board and cares (nothing with medical assistance) and two networking lines to a plethora of sober livings. All sober livings in Orange County are AA based. What a racket they have! This is a government funded line.
  112. A lot of guys in drug court are familiar with Bukowski. They know the classics, philosophy, poetry. They like to read in jail. I don't know why. Pass the time easily I guess.
  113. You’re so disrespectful, Dan!
  114. I know! I flunked respect lessons from a stupid cop!
  116. I don’t know how long I’ve been clean and sober, but I know since the weekend when I was kicked out while high on pot. This morning a housemate had me help him light him a joint with my lighter. He offered to share the marijuana with me. I just said no. Nancy Reagan style!!!
  117. We don't know why beer and alcohol is such an American tradition. We just remember the days of prohibition. When bootleggers tied to Al Capone could out gun the police. That is why alcohol is legal and acceptable, not because it is a safe drug or even moral. I learned that from stories my grandfather used to tell me.
  118. The war on drugs is even uglier than prohibition and I'm on the front line.
  119. The homeless mostly occupy and live in the alley. They are all strung out on meth and fentynal. I rarely see the gangsters there, but it is well known that the gangs are giving them the drugs. The police know this too. Fortunately, I haven’t seen an overdose or a dead body. We can thank Christ’s compassion.
  120. Marijuana is legal and cheap in the neighborhood. I got all mine for free. I guess the idea is that if you like the weed, the dealer can offer harder drugs or they may be putting in the pot.
  121. I really don't want to go to AA sober living, but I have no choice. Do I, Donna?
  122. I was sober in AA for 18 years, they were horrible to me.
  123. It is extremely hard to find help for homeless situations.
  124. If you can get to the Orange PD the HUBOC is right there and they offer services and can help with shelter resources food showers laundry and more
  125. I got the number to HUBOC from 211. Calling them now. Thanks my honorary little sister.
  126. It may be silly to call you that but I'm closer to you and you are more helpful than my blood sisters. They're millionaires and don't like poor people.
  127. It has been nearly impossible for me to find resources for room and boards, board and cares, transitional or independent living homes. Only AA sober livings. Politicians believe they need to be open to help the homeless. I’ve been pointing out they are creating more with their strict rules, bad contracts and AA abuse. The Fullerton counsel has been listenings…
  128. A system that purports to help people should not do harm instead!”- Fullerton City Councilman Bruce Wittaker.
  129. The contracts are usually loosely worded and no more than two pages long. However, they usually include spontaneous evictions without prorating and no liability for stolen property.
  130. Tenants are instructed not to speak to the neighbors nor disclose the location of the sober living, but they often stand out due to the amount of smoking. They often house ex-convicts including sex offenders as well.
  131. I’ve been speaking to the councilman in Fullerton. He has invited me to the townhall meeting to give a 3-minute speech on sober livings. Action Alliance is the largest sober living chain in Orange County and of course, AA based. They are known to cause more homelessness than they prevent. I’m going to try to shut them down. I only have 3 minutes, but you’ve never seen me write a political speech Monica, I’m known to be talented at that. You are welcome to come to Fullerton City Hall on a Tuesday evening to put your two cents in. Don’t worry about being bothered by me. City Hall is a known "safe space" for women. Lol!


  1. Rodney King




  1. People on the streets tell me what’s a happenin’
  2. People on the streets tell me what’s a goin’ down
  3. Everybody’s angry. Everybody’s runnin’ around


  1. People starting fires, tell me why ya doin’ that?
  2. People shooting guns. Tell me why ya doin’ that?
  3. Everybody’s looting. Everybody’s runnin’ amuck


  1. And it seems to me that God ain’t watching us
  2. Devil’s runnin’ wild makin’ a big ol’ fuss
  3. Everybody’s looting. Everybody’s runnin’ amuck


  1. Watching the police beating up a colored man
  2. Watching to police lyin’ when they take the stand
  3. When ya gonna stop it! Draggin’ his name in the mud


  1. People in the church watching all the preacher’s shout
  2. People in the church tell me what ya prayin’ ‘bout
  3. How can we be praying when our hands are wet with blood?


  1. And it seems to me that God ain’t watching us
  2. Devil’s runnin’ wild makin’ a big ol’ fuss
  3. Everybody’s looting. Everybody’s runnin’ amuck


  1. People on the streets tell me what’s a happenin’
  2. People on the streets tell me what’s a goin’ down’
  3. Everybody’s frightened. Everybody’s losin’ the town.
  4. I would like to file a grievance about my HMO, Imperial and the house the placed me in.
  5. Are you trying to make me homeless? Because that appears to be the case.


  1. A Candle in the Barrio


  1. Chords: E D A E  bmp 140


  1. Not too far in the barrio
  2. Angels weep and heaven shows
  3. A candle rests where flowers grow
  4. To mark the loss of another soul


  1. Not a sight unseen around here
  2. Where homeless sit and drink their beer
  3. A mother lights the candle near
  4. Her rosary she prays so dear


  1. If you live in the barrio
  2. Never speak of what you know
  3. Silence comes and silence grows
  4. Among the passers by


  1. instrumental


  1. They sit and smoke remaining still
  2. Dreaming of a house upon the hill
  3. Where police roam protect they will
  4. Children’s lives our good Lord’s will


  1. And so they paint it on the wall
  2. That someone someday hear their call
  3. To rest assured no strength at all
  4. A ritual to honor one’s fall


  1. Our Lady pictured on the candle
  2. Seems too much for her to handle
  3. Mary prays upon the mantle
  4. Where one more lost to hate and vandal


  1. We’ve seen once we’ll see again
  2. Seems as though we’ll never win
  3. When pride is strong and patience thin
  4. A candle in the barrio is lit.
  5. Cops are criminals with badges. My wealthy family knows this.
  6. Authority for the sake of authority is tyranny.
  7. You make a deal with the devil and the devil will win, mother.
  8. I was not accepted to Comic Con 2024. However I was put on the waiting list.
  9. I just called the district attorney's office. The case is still under review.
  10. So, to fight the family and break the chain, I went after the strongest link, my sister Cindy. But that didn’t work, and I lost. Now I’m going after the weakest link, my sister-in-law, Roz. She’s a loose cannon. She explodes and fights everybody, but she doesn’t always win, because she is sloppy. Cindy Joyce doesn’t fight sloppy.
  11. I have a mouth, but I have to know when to use it or walk away. Or when to use it and run!!!
  12. I twisted my case manager’s arm by calling the ombudsman.
  13. She gave me a list of all room and boards, and board and cares
  14. In Orange County
  16. I might get high after dinner.


  1. By exposing on Facebook their first and last names, I ran Alcoholics Anonymous out of my home town.


  1. I don't just burn bridges, I leave Sherman's Trail.


  1. Don't give somebody something to complain about and definitely don't give somebody something to cry about!


  1. The Town I Live In - Story of the Pachucos
  2. Since I was a child here in the city of Fullerton, I have always fascinated upon the Lemon Park Murals on the bridge in the barrio between Orangethorpe and Valencia on Lemon St. One in particular depicts a wedding with a Mexican gangster with large brimmed hat and fancy cars as the bride is painted splattered white. Recently, I asked many Chicano friends, “What is the story behind this great work of art?”

Here it is. The group of Hispanics of this attire were commonly known throughout Southern California as the Pachucos. Depicted in the musical, Zoot Suite these Mexican Americans and immigrants were said to have formed in gangs to protect themselves from drunk white sailors. But in Fullerton, there were no sailors and that simply was not the case. Instead however, they were a large social group many with money hosting parties, dances and cultural events often raising thousands of dollars for the city. When asked, my friend described the dances to be much like the dance scene with the Puerto Ricans in the movie West Side Story. The Pachucos were polite. For example, if an elderly couple were walking down the street they would all in a group step aside to let them pass. Also the pachucos never fought in groups of people only one on one with no weapons, Ok, maybe stiletto here and there, but no guns. They were fun loving people enjoying America.

What did form out of necessity were gangs of other Mexicans, blacks and other minorities to protect themselves from “White Supremacists” of no particular group who will either kill minorities or run them off their property. The Zoot Suiters did not like the gangs and did not invite them to their parties or events. This made the gangs angry as they were jealous of the grand and lavish life stlyes of the pachucos. The women of the group were called pachucas. They, however, often became attracted to the bad boy images for the unknown gangsters and would date and romance them. As a result the pachacas were tough women said to commonly conceal knifes and razors in their dresses, shoes and even their hair. The main Zoot Suite forbade the Pachucas from fraternizing with the gang members, but few listened.

Then a certain romance formed. The “Head Man” leader of the gangs fell obsessively in love with a young pachuca woman. They dated for an unknown period of time, but broke up. Probably because of his obsessed nature he would most likely have been controlling and with an irrate temper, but he would not let her go. The young Pachuca then fell passionately for a zoot suite known as P.C. He was a popular, showy and attractive gentleman knowing most of the important people in the city. When P.C. cruised down the barrio all the Hispanic children would run out to admire him. Eventually, P.C. proposed to the Pachuca. However on the day of the wedding, the head man showed up and shot the bride with a gun four times while the ceremony was still going on killing her on the spot. If he couldn’t have her, no one would! P.C. then became a marked man and a “green light” was called by the head man, basically offering money to anyone who murdered him. P.C. was killed leaving an Anaheim party. So the story goes he was in such fit shape, he remained running several yards as the bullets were entering his body.

Because the Pachucos had raised so many thousands of dollars for the city of Fullerton, this painting of the murder was commissioned artist Emigdio Vasquez called, The Town I Live In.
  3. I wonder if we could give our presidents psychological treatment if the counselor keeps the discussions separate from the sessions and not try to change political views and stances…
  4. How was your first day of therapy President Trump?
  5. Oh, it was fantastic. We didn’t talk about the issues at all. Instead, we had family group. We talked about ways to be more kind and loving to one another, Ivanka, Eric, Don Jr., my wife and me. But then it got really intense, and I was on the hot seat. Melania really got a lot off her chest!!!
  6. It used to be, that if you wanted to be in the mafia, you had to be Italian. But now there are gangs of all races and nationalities who syndicate. The white kids do it for fun and recreation. Dealing drugs and shooting people. It’s a gas!
  7. Dan, can you not treat me like a sex object?
  8. Sure! Just be something else.
  9. Monday, I'm taking a train to Santa Monica. I'm going to sign up with Step Up on Second St. They will handle my medical and psychiatric management as well as find me lodging in the area and I'll most likely move back to Venice Beach working as a background actor through Central Casting and a beach artist during the off season. I'm kissing the OC GOODBYE! I have a life to get on with not being arrested by my greedy mother anymore or being jailed and raped. You guys won't miss me, I'm going to insure that I have WI-Fi so as to keep my website and internet business going as well as my facebook page. I'm getting $1100 a month in social security and more if I get into a mental health housing situation. That should be enough, and the money comes in tomorrow! Will be leaving this week! FUCK OFF FULLERTON AND TELL THE MOM AND THE FAMILY GOODBYE!!!
  10. So, it looks like my art career will be arrested while I move back to LA and pursue an acting side-hustle. I was good in school plays, and I learned a bit of method acting when I lived in Hollywood. So that should do! I'm mean I'll still be an old man learning a new trick, but Plato did the same thing learning how to play the flute at sixty. I mean... he still had to learn it and everybody had to listen to him..
  11. This week I'm saying a long goodbye to my hometown, Fullerton, CA. in the heart of Catholic town and the cops that kill you!
  12. ... and for a relaxing video this evening - Pornhub presents Polar Bears in Love.
  13. I see the Bible as mythology and it's great for storytelling.
  14. The main reason I chose not to end my life is because I can't conceive of what would happen, most likely nothingness. Or you go to Hell! No! That's bullshit! I mean... I did good things too...
  15. I get paid tonight. I'm going to order KFC delivered. They got that deal! It's a great deal! You get a couple pieces of chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, a biscuit a coke and a cookie… Ok, they also just started sponsoring my Facebook page...
  16. The problem I had with a Facebook friend is that she wouldn't let me paint her portrait. She was in music and all her friends let me do it for them for free, but she didn't seem to go for it, and I would have enjoyed it. She was pretty and pretty women are easy to draw... I mean... after a while they all look the same.
  17. So, I did what Donald Trump did with his business to grow my own. I lied! I lied about the success of my art to get more customers. I made up sponsors, contracts, shows, patrons, and made everyone believe I was huge.
  18. How’d that work?
  19. Great! And as president and dictator of the artists, I promise to… And the best part, lying in America is usually legal.
  20. So, my hit song, Sex Robot, is nearing top of the charts on internet channels everywhere. If you’re not hearing it in your neck of the woods, ask your provider.
  21. Why would you lie about your art to rip people off?
  22. Because I’m not ripping them off! I am a good artist, everyone agrees. I’m not the best of the best ever… I mean… Rembrandt was pretty good!
  23. ... and now for Dan's pick for the best motion picture ever... and the winner is... Barbarella! Jane Fonda's sexy 1968 space oddity that's not quite porn but practically there!!!
  24. This means so much to me! I just want to thank and love everybody and all the dirty naughty creeps I turned on…
  25. And now, I’m gonna tongue kiss Jane Fonda! Whooh! Whooh! Whooh!
  26. Barbarella, psychedelia
    There's a kind of cockleshell about you
    (Barbarella, ba-Barbarella)
    Mmm, dazzle me with rainbow color
    Fade away the duller shade of living
    Get me up high (High)
    Teach me to fly (Fly)
    Electrify (Electrify my night)
  27. It looks like the district attorney is dropping the charges, mom. I want 613 ½ Ellis Lane or I’m going to publicly shame you so badly, you’ll wish you did!
  28. Poverty is a prison of its own.
  29. My brother, Bob cut off transportation for my art business when my father died. Roz told him to.
  30. As a little girl, my mother dragged my sister Cindy up a flight of stairs only by the hair on her head.
  31. I twisted my case manager’s arm by calling the ombudsman.
  32. I just called the district attorney's office. The case is still under review.
  33. You make a deal with the devil and the devil will win, mother.
  34. Cops are criminals with badges. My wealthy family knows this.
  35. Calling the ombudsman to report my insurance company and the drug ridden home they placed me in.
  36. I've never met anybody too stupid for Alcoholics Anonymous
  37. Riddle of the Cave Bear -
  38. You’re in the woods camping.
  39. Your mother throws you into a bear cave
  40. You get mauled by a bear
  41. Do you blame the bear?
  42. So, I placed you in a known drug house and you did the drugs - Jessica Reynolds, Imperial HMO
  43. While I was in a cell with a rapist, my mother and sister-in-law, Roz, were in the courtroom testifying to further my sentence.
  44. My little brother, Bob, had to fight his wife, Roz, to open the door when I was homeless. He never made it.
  45. Mom, I need money for rent. I'm homeless.
  46. Hello 911 I'd like to report Dan Joyce for elder abuse.
  47. The Joyce Family Apartments is currently being sued for poisoning people.
  48. The war in Ellis Lane started when Roz Joyce stole her neighbor's cat and took it to the pound to have it gassed.
  49. My two millionaire sisters have never given me a dime of aid. Not even a phone call. They don't like the poor.
  50. Psychologists are claiming my mother is pathological.
  51. There will never be peace in the house of Mary Joyce.
  52. I have never had contact with the executors of the family trust. But Roz Joyce made a mint, and I got nothing.
  53. The entire neighborhood on Ellis Lane in Fullerton wants my brother's wife, Roz Joyce, out!!!
  54. Hired by mom to prepare my copy of dad's will, Lawyer Doug Whitemore is known to falsify paperwork.
  55. Roz Joyce asked all my brothers for sperm donations, but not me. She knew I wouldn't screw her!
  56. In his 50's, Mike Joyce married his Ukrainian mail order bride.
  57. Now in his 50's, Robert Joyce is still a crybaby!
  58. Mike Joyce ran his gay brother Pat out of the family.
  59. In nearly 100 years of doing business, the Joyce Family apartments have not rented to one black person.
  60. Kevin Joyce boasts sex with over 100 women, most underaged.
  61. Nothing is more sacred than the family secrets. Mom protects them fiercely.
  62. Terry Joyce-Hopp offered Bob a lot of money to divorce Roz. He should've taken it!
  63. Mike Joyce was kicked out of the navy for stalking a woman. He told mom it was espionage.
  64. I'm hitting bottom in my social media addiction. I just joined the TAYLOR SWIFT Facebook group.
  65. Still no word from the district attorney. I guess mom won't have me raped this time.
  66. “They’ll compare me to the Beat Generation: Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, William Burroughs, Gregory Corso. But they were very different. They preferred jazz while I prefer classical music. Drugs fascinated them; I drink cheap beer.”
  67. ~ Charles Bukowski




  1. The wealthier members of the family were going to leave their share of the inheritance for me and Bob. Mike called them all and talked them out of it.
  2. Why do you like smoking pot, Dan?
  3. It’s the only way I can deal with the world, man…
  4. Just got the number to the sober living network in Santa Monica. The move is on its way.
  5. So, I was in group at the clinic, and this lady was complaining that everyone in her group home asks her for money, That's because they're broke, I told her. They're all poor. Poor people will always ask you for money. That's the nature of being poor. You need money! Rich people will never ask you for money. They sneak it from your government check!
  6. So, I was talking to a woman at the clinic and she said she was clean a few years in AA, but her mentally ill friend wasn’t getting it at all. She pulled a knife on her sponsor who owned the sober living and was making money off AA. I suggested she tell her about alternatives to AA such as SMART recovery, The Freedom Model and HAMS Harm reduction. A week later I met Stephanie, the knife wielding mentally ill alcoholic. Stephanie told me that her sponsor wanted her to look at her part in all her resentments including being molested as a child. They do that in Alcoholics Anonymous. They try to blame you for everything even child abuse. Honestly, what part would an innocent little girl have in being molested as a child? I mean… we can guess which part, but that’s disgusting…
  7. I’ll need a wardrobe for the extra work including a suit.
  8. And some shoes. I’m usually cast as
  9. A business man, a cop or military
  10. We can go to the Salvation Army. I know my sizes
  11. It’s an easy job to do and get
  12. I’ll handle my own art supplies
  13. Keep my internet art business going
  14. Draw, work on art on the beach
  15. Xmas is coming!!
  16. Think about it!
  17. Just got the number to the sober living network in Santa Monica. The move is on its way.
  18. Hi, Daniel. This is David with Bridges Sober Apartments and IOP. I saw your email submission and I wanted to learn a little more about your situation. How soon are you looking to move into a program? How much time sober do you have? Do you have any type of health insurance? Let me know so I can better assist.
  19. I had eighteen years clean and sober. Then I messed up in 2014 started drinking and smoking cannabis. That lead to my conviction. When I got out of jail probation urine tested me regularly. So, I went back to AA and stayed sober 5 years. I had two slip ups a year apart, but recently I had over a year, but started smoking pot again, I haven't stopped. I'm afraid of what will happen in a full blown relapse. I smoked last night around 6pm. I'm 58 male and treated for schizoaffective bipolar including medicine. Other basic health problems too.
  20. I have Medicare/Medical and an HMO. Social security 1100/month. EBT about $300/month.
  21. The HMO is called, Imperial.
  22. I am currently in a room and board in Garden Grove. I have to move before the 10th. I'd like to go back to LA to further my art and acting career. As a side hustle. I run an online art business. So I’ll need WI-FI.
  23. I am currently in a room and board in Garden Grove. I have to move before the 10th. I'd like to go back to LA to further my art and acting career. As a side hustle. I run an online art business. So I’ll need WI-FI.


  1. I am also a chain smoker. But I don't want to quit unless I have to.


  1. The slip ups were only one beer.


  1. Prior to my 18 years I was addicted to cocaine, smoking pot, doing a lot of LSD and physically addicted to alcohol.


  1. I also attained three college degrees during that sobriety. And Associate’s in Business, I Certificate in Computer Graphics, and a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts and Graphic Design, and Illustration. I even studied abroad in Italy.


  1. I been in the system so long, I know just what to say to these people. Just like mom talking to the cops.


  1. I went to Alcoholics Anonymous for all of my sobrieties. I will be willing to go back if necessary.
  2. I'm being interviewed for a sober living in Santa Monica tonight. I want to go back to LA, work at Central Casting as an extra again and do my art on the beach like I used to. I need a change badly. Thanks Donna. I'll keep you posted. Can I refer you as my caseworker?


  1. I’m callng Step Up on Second in Santa Monica today, Theyre a homeless service I used to use when I lived there and their still around. They will be able to help me arrange medical and psychiatric treatment. I'll tell my caseworker at the clinic to forward my medical records.


  1. I was denied moving admittance to the sober living in Santa Ana due to a dirty test.


  1. I tested positive for THC and barbiturates. We were expecting the THC to show up, but not barbituates. My only guess is that they put something in the pot I smoked. They were giving it to me for free.


  1. They have been lacing pot with Fentanyl I heard. It’s all over the alley. That would explain the dirty test.


  1. I still have some of the pot. The Garden Grove police dept. refused to test it for Fentanyl.


  1. n AA, they say, If you want God to laugh, tell him your plans… Ok, here goes. I’m trying to get into a sober living as soon as I can test clean. I will stay there for three weeks. Then, locate a room and board in West Los Angeles and go to Central Casting to get my job back as an extra. I’ll be selling my art on Venice Beach in the off season. I’m going to be an actor again. Got a better plan??? I hear God laughing.


  1. One last order of business before I go…


  1. A concert for the people of Gangster’s Alley. Welcome to Gangster’s Alley everybody! Please welcome our first performer, SAVAGE!!!


  1. Fuck the Police lyrics


  1. Right about now NWA court is in full effect
  2. Judge Dre presiding in the case of NWA versus the police department.
  3. Prosecuting attourneys are MC Ren, Ice Cube and Eazy motherfuckin' E
  4. Order, order, order, Ice Cube take the motherfuckin' stand
  5. Do you swear to tell the truth the whole truth
  6. And nothin' but the truth so help your black ass?
  7. You goddamn right
  8. Well, won't you tell everybody what the fuck you gotta say?
  9. Fuck the police comin' straight from the underground
  10. A Young nigga got it bad 'cause I'm brown
  11. And not the other color so police think
  12. They have the authority to kill a minority
  13. Fuck that shit, 'cause I ain't the one
  14. For a punk motherfucker with a badge and a gun
  15. To be beatin' on, and thrown in jail
  16. We can go toe-to-toe in the middle of a cell
  17. Fuckin with me 'cause I'm a teenager
  18. With a little bit of gold and a pager
  19. Searchin' my car, lookin' for the product
  20. Thinkin' every nigga is sellin' narcotics
  21. You'd rather see me in the pen
  22. Than me and Lorenzo rollin' in the Benzo
  23. Beat a police outta shape
  24. And when I'm finished, bring the yellow tape
  25. To tape off the scene of the slaughter
  26. Still getting swole off bread and water
  27. I don't know if they fags or what
  28. Search a nigga down and grabbin' his nuts
  29. And on the other hand, without a gun, they can't get none
  30. But don't let it be a black and a white one
  31. 'Cause they'll slam ya down to the street top
  32. Black police showin' out for the white cop
  33. Ice Cube will swarm
  34. On any motherfucker in a blue uniform
  35. Just 'cause I'm from the CPT, punk police are afraid of me
  36. A young nigga on a warpath
  37. And when I'm finished, it's gonna be a bloodbath
  38. Of cops, dyin' in L.A.
  39. Yo Dre, I got somethin' to say
  40. Fuck the police, fuck-, fuck-
  41. Fuck the police, fuck-, fuck-
  42. Fuck the police, fuck the-, fuck the-
  43. Fuck the police (Example of scene one)
  44. Pull your goddamn ass over right now
  45. Aw shit, now what the fuck you pullin' me over for?
  46. 'Cause I feel like it
  47. Just sit your ass on the curb and shut the fuck up
  48. Man, fuck this shit
  49. Alright, smart-ass, I'm taking your black ass to jail
  50. MC Ren, will you please give your testimony
  51. To the jury about this fucked up incident
  52. Fuck the police and Ren said it with authority
  53. Because the niggas on the street is a majority
  54. A gang, is with whoever I'm steppin'
  55. And the motherfuckin' weapon is kept in
  56. A stash spot, for the so-called law
  57. Wishin' Ren was a nigga that they never saw
  58. Lights start flashin' behind me
  59. But they're scared of a nigga so they mace me to blind me
  60. But that shit don't work, I just laugh
  61. Because it gives 'em a hint not to step in my path
  62. For police, I'm sayin', "Fuck you, punk"
  63. Readin' my rights and shit, it's all junk
  64. Pullin' out a silly club, so you stand
  65. With a fake-ass badge and a gun in your hand
  66. But take off the gun so you can see what's up
  67. And we'll go at it, punk, I'ma fuck you up
  68. Make ya think I'm a kick your ass
  69. But drop your gat, and Ren's gonna blast
  70. I'm sneaky as fuck when it comes to crime
  71. But I'm a smoke 'em now, and not next time
  72. Smoke any motherfucker that sweats me
  73. Or any asshole that threatens me
  74. I'm a sniper with a hell of a scope
  75. Takin' out a cop or two, they can't cope with me
  76. The motherfuckin' villain that's mad
  77. With potential to get bad as fuck
  78. So I'm a turn it around
  79. Put in my clip, yo, and this is the sound
  80. Yeah, somethin' like that, but it all depends on the size of the gat
  81. Takin' out a police would make my day
  82. But a nigga like Ren don't give a fuck to say
  83. Fuck the police, fuck-, fuck-
  84. Fuck the police, fuck-, fuck-
  85. Fuck the police, fuck the-, fuck the-
  86. Fuck the police
  87. Yeah, man, what you need?
  88. Police, open now (Aww, shit)
  89. We have a warrant for Eazy-E's arrest
  90. Get down and put your hands right where I can see 'em!
  91. Man, what the fuck did I do? Man, what did I do?
  92. Just shut the fuck up and get your motherfucking ass on the floor!
  93. But I didn't do shit
  94. Man, just shut the fuck up!
  95. Eazy-E, won't you step up to the stand
  96. And tell the jury how you feel about this bullshit?
  97. I'm tired of the motherfuckin' jackin'
  98. Sweatin' my gang while I'm chillin' in the shack, and
  99. Shining the light in my face, and for what?
  100. Maybe it's because I kick so much butt
  101. I kick ass, or maybe 'cause I blast
  102. On a stupid ass nigga when I'm playin' with the trigger
  103. Of any Uzi or an AK
  104. 'Cause the police always got somethin' stupid to say
  105. They put up my picture with silence
  106. 'Cause my identity by itself causes violence
  107. The E with the criminal behavior
  108. Yeah, I'm a gangster, but still, I got flavor
  109. Without a gun and a badge, what do ya got?
  110. A sucka in a uniform waitin' to get shot
  111. By me, or another nigga.
  112. And with a gat, it don't matter if he's smarter or bigger
  113. (Size don't mean shit, he's from the old school, fool)
  114. And as you all know, E's here to rule
  115. Whenever I'm rollin', keep lookin in the mirror
  116. And ears on cue, yo, so I can hear a
  117. Dumb motherfucker with a gun
  118. And if I'm rollin' off the eight, he'll be the one
  119. That I take out, and then get away
  120. While I'm drivin off laughin'
  121. This is what I'll say
  122. Fuck the police, fuck-, fuck-
  123. Fuck the police, fuck-
  124. Fuck the police, fuck-, fu
  125. Fuck the police (The verdict)
  126. The jury has found you guilty of being a redneck
  127. Whitebread, chicken shit motherfucker
  128. Wait, that's a lie, that's a goddamn lie
  129. Get him out of here (I want justice)
  130. Get him the fuck out my face (I want justice)
  131. Out, right now
  132. Fuck you, you black motherfuckers
  133. Fuck the police
  134. Fuck the police
  135. Fuck the police


  1. Excellent job, Savage!


  1. Now for your partying pleasure… Dan Joyce and the Numb Nuts.


  1. Easy Come Easy Go


  1. E Am E Am E Am E Am D A D A


  1. Easy come. Easy go my friend
  2. Every play in every game must end
  3. Watch the clock and the world spins
  4. Round and round and back again


  1. When the whisper holds a dream to wake
  2. Then the grounds of hell will bake


  1. Time to stay time to go old chum
  2. Let the music rattle and hum
  3. Don’t look back your day has come
  4. All the chances that you’ve blown are done


  1. Easy come. Easy go my friend
  2. All the while we’ll be listenin’
  3. Broke a heart that you cannot mend
  4. The final kiss is already sent


  1. Mark my words we all make mistakes
  2. Yesterday’s a choice that you cannot make


  1. Easy come. Easy go my friend
  2. Tell the dove if she’s listenin’
  3. Once goodbye twice away again
  4. Easy come Easy go
  5. Easy come Easy go
  6. Easy come Easy go
  7. Easy come Easy go my friend.



  1. I thought Dan was in AA, but I found his stash!
  2. Pass it this way bro!


  1. Don’t Talk Shit!


  1. E D A


  1. I got no time for your rhyme
  2. You should just go and blow
  3. off your high horse


  1. You think you don’t know
  2. How far you can go
  3. Well let me tell you so


  1. I’m a man who does what I can
  2. To hit you on the head with a frying pan
  3. Everybody’s watching you go down


  1. In the days will turn to night
  2. And you don’t really want to fight
  3. A man like me from that part of town


  1. Everybody get together
  2. Don’t you care about the weather
  3. Don’t you even talk shit


  1. I’m getting sick of your bullshit
  2. You think you know all about it
  3. Well let me tell you Mr. Girl
  4. Thing are looking dark in your little world


  1. Got your cause and your mission from God
  2. Don’t you find it a little odd
  3. That nobody’s buying any of it


  1. You claim to be so spiritual
  2. Followed by aggression and swear words
  3. Who do you think you’re trying to fool


  1. Everybody get together
  2. Don’t you care about the weather
  3. Don’t you even talk shit!


  1. I’m a man who does what I can
  2. To hit you on the head with a frying pan
  3. Everybody’s watching you go down


  1. In the days will turn to night
  2. And you don’t really want to fight
  3. A man like me from that part of town
  4. Mack the Knife
  5. Acapella
  6. It’s a Good night well it’s common and we wanna get it right
  7. I said good night for Dan Joyce yeah
  8. and he’s gonna be out of sight
  9. Get your gloves on and good lovin’
  10. Cuz there’s gonna be a fight
  11. With the family and Dan’s dysfunction
  12. gonna jail him. Oh so right.
  13. Don’t get Get angry and hit the children
  14. cause you know it isn’t right
  15. Don’t you tell me. It was a knock out
  16. And you really won the fight
  17. Baby Bobby, looker Kevin
  18. Hollywood pat
  19. And artist Dan
  20. It’s a hot night in the city
  21. And the magic comes out tonight
  22. Brother mike and sister Cindy
  23. Drinking Terry And blessed mom
  24. So if you’re gonna love your brother
  25. Well you better do it right
  26. It’s a funny tear jerk story
  27. And it’s coming out to night
  28. A classic jazz song with Bobby Darrin
  29. And it’s one you’ll want to hear
  30. Southside Cyclone and Jason Mayhall
  31. And Dan Joyce just disappeared
  32. So for family and significant others
  33. This is really quite a night
  34. Don’t be worried just watch behind you
  35. for Mack the Knife


  1. Everybody get together
  2. Don’t you care about the weather
  3. Don’t you even talk shit!
  6. I’ve never kept close records on my art business. I just know that sometimes I make money and sometimes I lose it. I basically sell so I can keep doing it… like a drug habit.
  7. Every artist wants to be Warhol, every rapper wants to be Tu Pac. I just want to be Dan. Those other guys were losers.”
  8. Some people say, ‘It’s none of your business what other people think of you.’ Isn’t it kind of impossible to tell anyway?
  9. “Everything happens for a reason… What about Gilbert Gottfried?”
  10. This ongoing debate on Tough Love bothers me. I keep hearing the ‘Sometimes ya have ta…’ argument defending tough love. It reminds me of therapy hearing my parents say, ‘Sometimes ya have ta hit your kid!’ NO! Sometimes you don’t!”
  11. There is nowhere in the universe that nothingness exists. Therefor we cannot make studies or chart rules about it. Anarchy, on the other hand, is quite different.
  12. Writing is the art of rewriting and drawing is the art of erasing.
  13. You can spot passive aggressive behavior, because as harmful as it is it’s cunningly easy to deny.
  15. My higher power is magic eight ball. Looks like you’re wrong.
  16. For artists, there's a lot of money in portraiture, but you have to capture a likeness, crucially important. Then, especially with women, you have to make them look becoming. No one wants a painting with their zits showing.
  17. Did you know I studied art in Italy one summer? Stayed sober too, that was the hard part.
  18. I was even going to go to an AA meeting when I was in Italy. The directory said it was at the church. Do you know how many churches are in Florence, Italy?
  19. “It’s never good enough! I’m never good enough! But this Taqueria taco… Good enough!”
  20. Addiction is a choice not a disease.
  21. I choose to think so.
  22. The 12 steps aren’t that deep.
  23. You're talking about proving the existence of God, a God you have to make up and you're saying it isn't deep?
  24. AA got me to quit drinking and drugs, turned my life around and literally saved my life!
  25. No, you did it Dorothy.
  26. You can lose a lot of friends and relatives due to arguments on social media. Facebook is really bad about that. The younger students at the school aren't using it for that reason. We old fogies just like to complain I guess.
  27. I don’t know what happened at the gallery, but. I started opening up with the emphasis on the importance of mental health awareness and I took some punches for it because I’m mentally ill. Mind, you, look at Martin King. It was hard for a black man to represent the rights of other blacks so boldly. It was hard for Harvey Milk to stand up for the gays petitioning in gay and lesbian bars. But to stand up for the mentally ill when I am myself one… No one else is doing it and those who want to, can’t. I may have a bigger crutch and a bigger cane than most people, but don’t be fooled. I can hit you with it!!!
  28. Are you obsessed with me? Like a stalker or something?
  29. No, I don’t know how all that works, but I’m just writing, Jane. You see, I’ve been very depressed for months, not getting out of bed, grooming and I just started writing and it made me feel better. I write my daydreams as though they were real. I got the theme song in my head and watched the movie Barbarella again. It was wonderful! I watched you strip from a space suit dancing outer space over and over. Slowly learning the words to your theme song, I started dancing and jumping on the bed. I’d been strung out on drugs again. And dancing with you on the bed made me smile again, it was so silly. I started feeling happy again and started to leave that horrid depression. And yes, you did that. Your talent did that. Thank you, Jane Fonda. And I’m not talking some weird psycho stuff like Charlie Manson and Helter Skelter. Just a fan appreciating your work and slowly getting happy again. I get that too, ‘cuz I’m an artist. One woman told me that looking at the picture and poem I drew of her cat, helped her gain the strength to quit meth amphetamine, a very addictive drug. I don’t know how that all works, but the cat’s clean too.
  30. How do I look?
  31. Sexy! I’ll give you $60 if you go in the alley and give me a blow job.
  32. Ok, get the money!
  33. I haven’t had sex with anyone in years, so I’m clean.
  34. Buy me some condoms.
  35. Sure
  36. Do you like doing this?
  37. Yessss! It’s not getting hard.


  1. Well, you did it, Dan. You survived Gangster’s Alley.
  2. Thanks prophet.
  3. And I saw online that AI Screenwriting software is less than fifty bucks. I’ll need a new computer, a cheap and basic macbook for around $200, but I have friends who can lend me the money for that. People like to support starving artists and it’s not always giving them beer, cigarettes, and food.
  4. Remember, you can’t be so aggressive, try to get along with people! Don’t go around telling your bad jokes to everybody. Save that for showbiz! And try not to be so…
  5. LOUD! I know. Especially my laugh. It shakes walls. I’m the only guy I know who gets 86’d from libraries!
  6. Are you sure you want to do this?
  7. More than ever before, prophet, more than ever before…
  8. Are you going with me this time prophet?
  9. Always
  10. Ladies and gentlemen, the people of Gangster’s Alley proudly present, Patty Smyth and Scandal
  11. Goodbye To You
  12. Those times I waited for you seem so long ago
    I wanted you far too much to ever let you go
    You know you never got my "I feel it too's"
    And I guess I never could stand to lose
    It's such a pity to say
  13. Goodbye to you
    Goodbye to you
  14. Could I have love someone like the one I see in you?
    I remember the good times, baby, now, and the bad times too
    These last few weeks of holding on
    The days are dull, the nights are long
    Guess it's better to say
  15. Goodbye to you
    Goodbye to you
    Goodbye to you
    Goodbye to you
  16. 'Cause baby, it's over now
    No need to talk about it
    It's not the same
    My love for you's just not the same
  17. And my heart, and my heart
    And my heart can't stand the strain
    And my love, and my love
    And my love won't stand the pain
    And my heart, and my heart
    And my heart can't stand the strain
    And my love, and my love, and my love
  18. Goodbye to you
    Goodbye to you
    Goodbye to you
    Goodbye to you
  19. Now, could I ever love someone like the one I see in you?
    Yeah, I remember the good time, baby, now, and the bad times too
    These last few weeks of holding on
    The days are dull, the nights are long
    Guess it's better to say
  20. Goodbye to you
    Goodbye to you
    Goodbye to you
    Goodbye to you, whoa
  21. Goodbye, baby (goodbye, baby)
    So long, darlin'
    Goodbye to you
    Goodbye to you, whoa
    Bye-bye, baby (bye-bye, baby)
    So long, darlin'
    Goodbye to you (bye-bye, baby)
    Goodbye to you
  22. And I got on a bus and rode…


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