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People are touchy. We lose friends, coworkers, relatives, husbands, wives over seemingly petty things and we never talk to them again. With our modern social media we block, blast, unfriend, send to junk mail or voicemail. In extreme cases there may even be a restraining order. In today’s technology, we have more ways to lose a friend than we have to make one. What was good then is now gone.

When I was a boy in grammar school, I made strong friendships, friendships that have lasted to this day. We grew together and formed our thoughts on politics, religion and philosophy, we did our chores and developed our work ethic. We established our academic goals, developed our talents and chose what our careers would be.  We decided what girls were pretty and who we thought would be right for each other. These principles have held with me to this day and neither those nor my friendship ever left me.  We founded strong meaningful ties that were to last a lifetime, and back then, the only requirement for those strong meaningful lifetime friendships was that we lived on the same block. It’s sad what we grow out of. 


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