Freedom – Dan Joyce art


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Being a mental health advocate through the arts, I know much about treatment because I lived it. As a result I’ve been in many places, hospitals, government homes and institutions. Places you probably wouldn’t want to go or be. I’ve spent most of my life incarcerated that way. Now things have changed and I have more, but I often don’t know how to handle it. I’ll be in a grocery store buying milk and looking at the other customers, everyday people doing everyday things. I’ll wonder if they know about me or if they did would they want to and feel alienated in the store. And I’ll look at the candy at the side of the checkstand trying to decide if I want a Nestles Crunch or an Almond Joy and I’ll remember when I couldn’t do that. And I’ll take a deep breath, say a quick prayer and thank God for my freedom. God bless America!


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