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Birth of a Prophet

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Birth of a Prophet

the unlikely prophet 

prequel episode 4


Dan Joyce


Many people see me distressed and insist I follow their way instead. Some think it's work, others religion. To my fans it is and has always been my writing and my art. That's why we do it. That's why we paint and write. Because truly for us, there is no other way of life.

My father died of cancer around 2010. He promised to leave me money because of my disability , a stipend that I was to receive monthly. At first they suspiciously hid the will as the family never delivered what my father promised me. I fought a losing battle against my older brother’s and mother’s brutal greed and vindiction. I’ve also been struggling to fight homelessness, because of that and remain housed in various group homes.

Just paid for my table at Comic Con, San Diego 2023

I was just violently attacked by the house manager. The police are coming.

I'm in my room as the police said to do. The manager is pounding on my door.

The police just left. They are filing a report and I stated to desire prosecution. The manager is desiring prosecution on me. I didn'teven throw a punch, but I took quite a few. I jumped in the room, barricaded the door and called 911. There is no authority monitoring these kinds of homes that I can report this too. The landlord won't be bothered. I am still in the house with the manager here.

The police suggested I go somewhere else for the night. I have no supportive family or friends.

I am so sick of the constant threats violence, abuse and poor living conditions in these sober livings and mental health homes that I've been stuck in since my father died. The lack of care and blatant disregard for the law from staff and landlords with absolutely no required qualifications at all. Theft is too common with no reimbursement or liability from the owners. Evictions can be spontaneous on the spot . often days after paying rent without prorating. I've been in hospitals, outpatient and institutions and nothing

compares to the poor running and lack of monitoring in these residential living

facilities where anyone can get a license to run one. I almost see why so many

prefer homelessness. I'm getting a lawyer and fighting back.

The owner is refusing to return the deposit. I have to stay in harm’s way for 30 days after giving notice

The house manager and tenants labeled me a snitch, a street term for a drug informant

Does anyone know of a shelter in Orange County that is open this winter?

My copy of the lease was stolen

For years it has appeared that the family wanted me homeless to die

that way and now they are finally getting their wishes in the winter and for


I don’t know if you’ve been following my posts, but my family keeps making me homeless and with my mental health disability, it’s hard for me to fight that. I have found a room, but it’s just a room, no closet, no stove, no refrigerator and gay hard of hearing roommate that talks too much. They are taking my government check to pay for it. Don’t worry about me though, I’ve been homeless before and with the nice weather here, it’s bearable, better than on the east coast. Here’s a touch of

Southern California for you.

Beach Baby song

Who do you find to be worse? a used car salesman or a landlord?

My landlord moved me into the shared room in Santa Ana for $600 a month, no kitchen privileges, no stove, no personal closet space or drawers… What you see is my roommates, a gay hard of hearing old man. I am to use no part of the house other than reside in the room and no smoking whatsoever. The toilet doesn’t work and we are asked to put our used toilet paper in a bag. Now he is asking another $600 for the deposit!!! Also my debit card was stolen the first day. My family owns property and

rents my little brother a two bedroom house for the same price while refusing

to make the same offer to me. Can anyone help the deposit money for this



I’m in a motel off of Beach Blvd. I’ll be here until my money runs out. Then I will be homeless on your approval. You say you can’t do anything, but I know what you can or can’t do. You have been pushing for this for years, the whole family has. Now, I’m thrown to the streets to die, by the will of my own mother. What God do you pray to???

I only have enough money to stay here in the motel 10 more days. Then I won't be able to go anywhere because I won't be able to pay rent, group home, etc... and it's raining.

they break me



Merry Xmas America from the Shelter.

So it’s Christmas Eve and I’m technically homeless, not because of drinking or drugs as I’ve spent 95% my adult life in AA clean and sober most including this year. I’m not homeless because of crime or racism, I didn’t fight in a war or get laid off a good job. I’m not an immigrant nor a runaway although I was abused. I’ve never married nor recently divorced. I am poor because of greed, the usual suspect and lack of love and understanding. The problem of homelessness as I see it is not the homeless or the stereotypes there are. The problem appear to be in us. We blame poverty on the poor and we blame the victims for the crimes. We blame racism on the races and sexism on those in active love. We blame evil on the mentally ill, and when wrong with do it still. We’re told not to give our money to those who need it most. We’re told to let go with love, to tough love to love them or leave them, but never just to love. We make family literally about blood and it shed thereof. We trade intelligence for common sense while neither of which is common and we trade critical thought for arrogance on the grounds that might makes right on the banks of a free enterprise where nothing is free at all. The problem with America is in the Americans that we surely see. But we can put a stop to this and it starts with you and me. Merry Xmas America from the shelter.

Business plan 2023 Dan Joyce art

I am dedicating this next year to my goals as an artist and writer. However, due to storage and transportation difficulties, original items will be less available and instead, I will be selling downloadable products and print-on-demand items. This will include my books, merchandise, reproductions and music on my Shopify website. Also, fewer paid ads and more organic content on my page to sell these things. Look for specials in the future.
Because of the large success for in-person sales, I will be selling and signing my books in local independent bookstores, comic book stores and I'm even going to try Barnes and Noble. You have all been following my progress with Comic Con, San Diego and Anaheim, so I'm expecting big things there too. I may even win and award.
Wherever I end up, I will have to attain a part time job to supplement my disability. That will allow me to make these resolutions and others more realistic. 
Remember, your dreams can always come true provided you always have dreams. 
And of course, goodbye to my abusive family!!!

Business plan 2023 Dan Joyce art

I am dedicating this next year to my goals as an artist and writer. However, due to storage and transportation difficulties, original items will be less available and instead, I will be selling downloadable products and print-on-demand items. This will include my books, merchandise, reproductions and music on my Shopify website. Also, fewer paid ads and more organic content on my page to sell these things. Look for specials in the future.
Because of the large success for in-person sales, I will be selling and signing my books in local independent bookstores, comic book stores and I'm even going to try Barnes and Noble. You have all been following my progress with Comic Con, San Diego and Anaheim, so I'm expecting big things there too. I may even win and award.
Wherever I end up, I will have to attain a part time job to supplement my disability. That will allow me to make these resolutions and others more realistic. 
Remember, your dreams can always come true provided you always have dreams. 
And of course, goodbye to my abusive family!!!

Ok, I've set a goal for the next year's marketing plan and I've altered and changed it, but I've come up with a strategy to do it that just might work. It's so insane, I should be writing and documenting every minute of it. I've made 16 of these books so far not counting ebook versions sometimes containing music video content. My life has turned upside down and inside out and I keep doing it. I feel like Jack Kerouac in the 1950's driving a car randomly around the country to attain one great work of literature.

Unintentionally, this is my life and I am a firm believer in documenting it

through my writing and art as I have in these books, but this is the year the

rubber meets the road and if it is to happen at all, it is going to happen now.


In the end, I am the director of my own story and I know what's best for me.


I'm tired of people who don't have my best interest in mind wanting me to change to suit their best interest.


My case worker is helping me detach from my family. I just couldn't believe they would steal so much money when I needed it most.


You cannot be a victim of someone who doesn’t antagonize you.


As long as the human mind has natural imagination, a computer will never completely replace the artist. Instead, become a tool.


I had to be the one to stand up and say, "Forcing mentally ill people into homelessness is wrong!!!"


My mother is trying to have me convicted, raped or stabbed again, because I called her up and begged for my life.


Hitting people or taking away their things is never gonna help them. Not when they're things we need like food and shelter.


Wherever I am, I am legally protected from my family. That’s the best Xmas ever!!!


Only my family can make begging for my life a crime.


They make me homeless then call me greed

A Christmas Poem

By Dan Joyce

Mother are you dead yet?


I was born from heaven

To a family of seven

And maybe even more


Twas June 11

Of sixty-five

You spit me out as four


At an early age

My mother’s rage

Beat me for wetting the bed


Only to grow

And ask her so

Mother are you dead?


Caught as a teen

For smoking weed

Yay had me put on thorazine


Then blamed my head

As somehow dead

To forever hold against me


I fell in love

Not good enough

As this was not your option


You took my son

My only one

And placed him for adoption


I’d beg and plead

On empty streets

As you financially destroyed me


To homelessness

And bitterness

Can you dear mother answer me


Mother are you dead yet?

Can’t you just set me free?

Of bitter pain and inner rage

For what you’ve done to me


You starved me out

To be arrested

Then soon to be jailed


You did not cry

Nor turn an eye

As I was raped by males


Mother are you dead yet?

Can you please answer me?

Why you helped my siblings

But have me in poverty


Mother are you dead yet?

Is it not in the will?

That you use money to hurt me

And beat me ever still


You took big brother’s fist

And left him in charge of this

Mother are you dead yet?

Or will you just abuse


I’ve asked you true

Please stop will you?

But you just passed on by

I’ll have no faith

No saving grace

Until the day you die


Mother are you dead yet?

You hurt me while alive?

To deny me ends meat

And forced to the streets

Please, stop I beg you why?


It would mean so much to see your grave

As I like Scrooge awake, Early Christmas Day,.






You cannot find me! You cannot hurt me!!!


I am homeless. At least the family can’t find me here!


I'd like to close the book on this horrible chapter of my life, maybe start a new one. It's been a nightmare since my father died.


Going to another place with job coaching. The family won't have to spend a dime. They'll keep all the blood money for themselves.


Leave it to my sick family to steal so much money and call me the thief!!!


My goal for the coming year: I want to get my art business going again. It’s not thoroughly dead yet. I was raised and lived in a culture that believed artists struggle and starve. So I did that thinking it was somehow romantic and it made me a true artist. But I’ve been talking to my old teachers and colleagues from the university and that is not really the case. There’s lots an artist can do like advertising, videos, portraiture or even books like I make. It seems like I deluded myself with the negative of my culture and

not the positive. Most people say they want this of me. They want me to get

past abusive family and cult like religious systems, stop complaining and

succeed. Somehow, I started believing that success was a lottery, that only a

few people get it, but I’ve had success as an artist and I can get it again.

The Fullerton art market is gone and the internet only gets a few customers,

but I’ve been researching other alternatives. I know where to go and I know

what needs to be done. Of course a part time job will help for as long as I can

hold one. If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it's that mental illness is not

the end of the world. It is the beginning of showing the world a different way

to look at itself.

Trying to get into a shelter. Setting a goal for housing March 1, 2023

Talked to the therapist. She had some hopeful recommendations about housing.


I'm technically homeless. The family refuses to help at all. They still deny my father's promise of inheritance.


Why does me being a "victim" make you innocent of so many crimes???


It started with drugs and alcohol. At first they tried to beat it into me. It took years, but eventually I got clean and sober. Then they said it was my bipolar, again it took a long time to find a good doctor and the right medicine. Then it was my anger, then impulse control, and on with the endless list. It’s not a list to get better it’s a list of excuses to continue to be cruel to your kin and sibling.


So I’m guessing you talked to my sister and she told you a bunch of shit? Why I deserve to be homeless and cheated out of so much money???


That’s the cool part of art journals, you’re living your story as you’re writing it.


I've also been accepted to Wonder Con small press. Comic-Con's Anaheim convention.


My mother is trying to have me jailed for speaking out! The police favor her theft.


I’m getting Covid for Christmas


Mommy and daddy are mad


Yes, I’m getting Covid for Christmas


Because I didn’t wear a mask

I state my case of years of serious abuse and beg you to stop and you just hurt me more! How far are you going to go with this??!


I post a lot of obnoxious stuff on Facebook. From my opinions on political issues like gun control and sensible gun laws to wrongdoings of others and persons in my life and community, I of course, lose a lot of Facebook friends. But one safe zone I always try to relate is the warmth and love of God. Seems, as controversial as religion is these days, few are really bothered by a kind note, God loves you, go on with your day! Then, once in a while, there is a staunch atheist who wants to argue that is wrong. And I have to debate a very iffy argument from Aristotle to Kierkegaard only leaving myself to wonder if I, myself, really believe.

The answer is yes, but maybe in the same sense and definition as we all kind of do. What was once the "Father of the Universe" to be hailed for all of us to obey, has redefined himself over the centuries to mean less and less an exact being and more the representation of spirituality and unconditional love. Yes, the word God is constantly watered down. So much so, that it is becoming harder and harder to refute this concept as so many new beliefs and definitions arise. Personally, I just like to think that the redefining and watering of the word God will eventually come to a point for us all that God is simply the goodness in the world we know as He has always meant for it be. And I kind of like that. God bless you all and have a good day and a Merry Christmas season!


The landlord claimed he couldn't find any of my original artwork after the eviction. The pastels were priced $150 each.


Why should we help you? We don't help anyone else. How selfish of you.


Other than my parent's beatings, the earliest sign of pathology in my family was my brother Mike who joined the military just so he could kill someone.


I’m in a homeless shelter. Don’t think of this as drama, think of it as life, the bad part of it. Then think of ways we can make that change.


So from neanderthal to homosapien to modern man, the best progress to show for it was a really cool selfie???


I'm on govt. income. My family believes it's wrong to claim govt money, so don't let them know. They'll steal every penny.


So if I'm a victim and that's bad, I guess that makes you an assailant and that's good???


What you are experiencing is a lack of empathy. An inability to care about anyone else or what you do to them.


Why do you always have to complain and fight injustice, Dan?


We were poor, we were falsely imprisoned, we were raped in jail, but we were happy...


Don't kid yourself with the Constitution, the law depends on your lawyer.


I really don't know which shelter I'm at and I can't say anyway. My family will find me and have me raped in jail again!


You will never be successful or make it in life Danny. We’ll stop you!


If you think I'm all about the money. I'm in a homeless shelter. What should I be about? Your greedy religion?


My family managed to put a restraining order between me and my inheritance.


I've received $160 in orders for paintings that cannot be found. My family just threw them out!


This my son, Jesus, you can learn from him.


What is your name?




Like the prophet, Daniel?




Then I shall call you the prophet. Being a carpenter is a profitable skill. First let’s look at the types of wood…


If my nickname is the prophet, what is yours?


Some call me God.


Before we start, can I have a cigarette?


What’s a cigarette?


It’s like a pipe only it’s made with tobacco and rolled up in paper. It’s good with a cup of coffee or a beer…


What’s a beer?


Oh, we’re gonna have some fun!


The Man I am Today


If I where a handsome man

If I had a job

If I never danced with her

How much would I have lost

If I never held my child

And watched him walk away

Would I ever have become

The man I am today

If I never drank too much

Or fought when I was young

Could I even write these words

And put them in a song

Times were bad and times were good

There isn't time to say

How much my life made me become

The man I am today

I wash the soap on thinning hair

And shadows on my eyes

And see a boy within the mirror

Whose face is filled with lines

To Italy to Hollywood

Yes I've had good times

They may not seem that much to you

These memories of mine

But in my heart I know its truth

Will lead to a grander day

And so I give myself to you

The man I am today

… so this is medical marijuana and these are called Cheeto’s, it gives a feeling of peace and relaxation along with the giggles. Interesting and these mushrooms enhance the imagination. But I really like this scripture book, MAD Magazine, especially the fighting spies. You are from the future prophet?

Yeah, sorta. I don’t really know where I’m from or how I came to be. I just sort of happened and now I’m searching.

Searching for what?

Not really sure, but it seems to be meaningfulness.

In your life?

No, actually someone else’s

Then whose?

That seems to be the mystery.

The crisis center is extending my stay for two weeks so they can try to get me into a homeless shelter.

In jail, they put a lot of fiber in your food. So you fart more. Not because it’s healthy, they just want to make jail even worse.

I like you because you’re gay and you’re handsome. It reminds me that I’m gay.

Sometimes, there is no better sense of freedom than to just not care.

So pretty, so painful!

I don't take direction because then it's their fault if I fuck up and they won't admit it.

I'm evaluating my options for residency. I want somewhere that will lead to me doing art and having my own place. Everybody keeps pushing that I get a job and do AA in some system house somewhere. I'll get a job, but I won't do AA. I've done AA all my adult life, I don't drink. To me, their crazy backwards philosophy is about as useless as Scientology.

While it may seem anecdotal, I believe many are in this trap as we speak. That being an abuse of recovery and psychological practices that force people in to poverty and homelessness as though it will cure them of a phony gaslighted disease. This is done by turning their unnecessary treatment into the hands of ill-intended significant others and love ones through abuse, self-interest and greed. While these institutions may work for some people, I’m taking the worst parts of the system and turning them upside down.

When my father died, my mother and remaining family completely destroyed me and discarded me over money. Who would do that to their own family member? a lot of people!

How many people do I think can do the exact same thing creatively? Probably a lot of them, but I'm the only one I see doing it.

One of these days, someone is going to say, life is art and find a way to sell it.

You can't force your beliefs on someone. People are going to believe what they wanna believe and the only time you're gonna influence them is when they already believe it. 

Maybe I'm being punished for a past life.

I am Siddhartha, the young Indian prince shielded from all pain and suffering in the word.

Wait! Watch your foot!

ow! This is horrible! What is going on?

That would be the pain and suffering you’re talking about.

Suffering, I am suffering, life is suffering! What is the cause of all this great suffering in the world?

Looks like you stubbed your toe!

But what can I do about it?

Maybe meditate. Take slow deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth. Now close your eyes and think of your happy place… Also, try mindfulness, focus only on the moment.

Yes, that is helpful. I will spread this as the way of the Buddha!

Good idea! And in the future, you might not want to walk around in sandals all the time, maybe boots, those will protect your toes.

Thank you, prophet, I shall.

The shelter is designed for people with some income to save up and work towards a place of their own. This is the first type in the system I’ve run into with an upward exit plan.

I'm gonna dive in head first! 2023 is the year of my profession.

I'm the kind of person that even if I argue, that doesn't mean I'm disagreeing with you.

Tell the police  I want the same deal as Bob

Tell the police you used an earlier will to find a loophole

That cheated me out of thousands of dollars

Tell the police, you block me when I am suicidal

Then demand I get help to control me

Tell the police you beat us as children

Tell the police my family the whole fucking family

Betrayed me because they thought it was cool

Tell the police I haven’t used drugs in 30 years

But you still hold it against me and make up new

Reasons to hold against me and cheat me out of money

Tell the police they’re doing a good job

Of keeping a robber like you safe!

Go ahead mom! Kill me!

You’ve taken everything worth living for!

If you think I had the same opportunities as the rest of the family,consider how gaslit I was to institutions and institutionalization.By mom and her doctors. Why would they do that?The doctors needed a medicated patient to collect insurance. And mom made ton of money by declaring me insane!Don’t kid yourselves! But please stop doing it! You’ve starved me long enough!

Just because I am poor and getting psychologically treated doesn’t mean I’ve never had success as an artist. The fact that currently I am in crisis center doesn’t negate my past experiences. The truth is that many people can have a crisis, rich and poor. You can be the president of the United States and have a crisis. It wouldn’t go over too well… but you could!

I don’t understand why the psychology and welfare systems so oppressively oppose my business as an artist. Yes, I’ve had a career as an artist including galleries, street fairs, coffeehouses, art collectives and colonies, bookstores and music shops, internet and an awesome website. and yes. I’ve been educated here and abroad, I have several wonderful portfolios and a terrific elevator pitch. No, I’ve never really supported myself as an artist, but neither did I in any of the several part time and minimum wage jobs that accomplished nothing for me but another pink slip. It’s a free enterprise American system, until you try to apply it. The fact is that I’m nearly 60 years old and not due for a new career. Instead, I take to those who have supported me in this venture for many years and the rest can frankly kiss my ass! Until you profitably hand out the check, you don’t have a dog in this race.

I got business sense and artistic skills from my father, it runs in the family.

I got mental illness and manic depression from my mother, we’re not as happy with each other.

What is your secret to your prolific art creation?
Nothing better to do!

What if you just zapped into a whole other life? Imagine who you are and who you want to be, then work to become that.

Who will you be in 2023?
I wanna be Caitlyn Jenner!

Being Caitlyn Jenner – So you crawl through this hole in the closet and pass through a telepathic wormhole which transforms you into Caitlyn Jenner for approximately 10 minutes. Then, you get spit out as trash on the side of the freeway like a used up drag queen. Are you up for it?

So tell me, how does it feel to be the only person featured on both covers of Sports Illustrated and Vogue magazine… VOOM! SHOOT! POW! THUMP!

Mommy, look at the big lady on the side of the road!

You are entering into a time capsule, into another day and another age, but you won’t know if it is your past or future. You will know nothing about this at all.

Ugh! I’ve got a splitting migraine headache I can’t stand it anymore!

Wait! Let me whack it with this axe!

TaDa! Tis I, Athena, goddess of wisdom and leader of all women.

You? Woman? A headache?


Does make sense though… Hey! Who is he?”

They call me prophet

A prophet? What do you foresee?

You will kill your father and marry your mother…

Oh shit!

No! That couldn’t happen.

Come to the Theater and enjoy the double billing, Oedipus, and the Odessey the suspense will leave you on your feet!

Comic a nd tragic, the birth of a God.

I’ve had over two dozen jobs in my adult life and all of them ended with my getting fired. Art is the most consistent income I’ve had other then disability. If I had 20 failed relationships, would you just say try harder and find a permanent one?

It all started when my father died. The financial sanctioning, loss of needed aid like transportation, the stealing of the money to completely destroy me financially until now I am homeless and they claim I deserve it because I smoked pot in high school. That way they can say anything that happened was all my fault. All led by my abusive mother and older brother... THEIVES!!!

I’m leaving the crisis center tomorrow and on to the shelter – my dismal life of poverty.

Mom, I had a flashback from smoking pot as a teenager and thought you were using it to steal money from me.

I’m in the homeless shelter. The rules are strict be reasonable. There is no rent required but we are to be saving for a new place including applying for section 8 housing. The other social workers or case managers never told us about this option before. I will still be allowed to set aside some money for my art business. Nevertheless, this is the last step towards housing.


I’m in a shelter and have no mailing address. I will need to order inventory for my business. I may use your address to mail it to. Just have Bob put it in my storage unit. And notify me when he does. The courts appointed him to do that. Don’t let Roz talk him out of it! This is my profession not hers! Everyone wants to see me succeed in my business and leave the family behind. Please don’t stop that! If this program works I should have housing this year and still keep my business. Comic Con and Wondercon are great places to sell my books and stuff, but really to make connections to publishers, editors, producers, directors, etc… that way I can get a good job out of it. Please don’t stand in the way of my success anymore! Your cooperation is appreciated!DAN

I have no mailing address. Time to get a P.O. Box.

I have no friends. Time to go meet people.

I found a jack in the box that takes ebt and a smoke shop that sells filtered cigars by the pack. It’s a slow and steady way to die. By now, you’ve probably figured that I want to kill myself. I’d try suicide, but… too gutsy!

I went online to find work. Christmas is over and Amazon isn’t really hiring. Then a guy here told me about a temp agency down the street, Select Staffing. That’s the way you do it in these places. Find the guys that are working and find out where they got their jobs. I’m going there tomorrow.

People think art is an impoverished profession because of competition or lack of demand. But it’s not just that, the mindset of the mentally ill artist manifests too much chaos to succeed at anything. We are always conjuring up new and out of the box ideas or ways of doing things. Society isn’t geared for people who do things differently, it would be too hard to market the masses or grind them into the mundane and ordinary. We live in an altered world that will never fit in unless we demand it.


I wouldn’t get so angry if the world would stop beating me up.

Our lives are a canvas, and we are the painters. Unfortunately, I made a horrid abstract expressionist mess!

The shelter is opposed to me doing the two comic con conventions, but I have already invested over $1600 into it, roughly 4/5 of the total expenses. I cannot quit now. Art is my dream, my power, my passion, and my profession. If I lose that, I will have nothing, and the family will win.

Can anyone help me transport my art to Wondercon in the morning of march 24 and bring it back in the evening of March 26, 2023? it will be at the Anaheim Convention Center. I can go on the bus the rest of the time. I live in Anaheim and my storage unit is in Fullerton. I don't drive or have a lot of friends. I can give you a free convention badge.

The goal here is to attain my own place to leave by saving money from not paying rent. I didn’t realize that before I got here and invested $2000 into my Comic-Con project. I have to work the system now to do it, talking to case-worker, social worker, therapist… somebody is bound to believe in me.

Another day of drawing done. Night! Night!

I just watched a concert video of Dolly Parton and Miley Cyrus singing I Love Rock and Roll. It was horrible!

We will download all of the data from the social media algorithm and use it to psychologically clone every living human being int the metaverse to create a universe of digital slaves, one by one.

Brilliant Zuckerberg.

But first we need a protocol the complete diaries, videos, music and artworks of Dan Joyce, our virtual Frankenstein monster to live in the minds of many, not as him but a conscious virtual living Artificially Inteligence psychosis! Bezos, Elon, the world is ours!

How does this work?

By manipulating and recreating the mind as preserved all over the internet, media and works of fine art to recreat the thinking patterns of the individual consciousness, not as they can now it but a reproduction of who they are, a thought clone.

And if it works, such a being can live forever. We will have achieved immortality. Only the end of the universe can take this away.

Imagine the mind as a thumbprint, a unique identification impossible to recreate naturally in any two human beings, a series of patterns and transmissions with a near infinite amount of sequences and combinations, randomly generated on a consistently dynamic environment and timeline. That is you and I, a complex mathematics to be rebirthed into the machine.

We must find Dan Joyce and harness his talent.

My Life in a Crowd

Chords D C G D


My life in a crowd

Try to shout

Try to sing it out loud


Tell me

What’s going down

Won’t you pass it around

Can you just hear my sound?


Walking through the station

All around the nation

Tell me what is happening to me

Is this how it’s gonna be?

Say I gotta be me!


My world in a dream

This is really what seems

To see how it’s gonna be


My love all alone

Looking wherever I roam

Someone just to bring home


Tell me in the morning

In the noon time shining

Tell me in the evening so cool

Do I look like a fool?

I’m my own leading light


I live in a crowd

I try to shout

Sing it out loud

My life in a crowd

What are you doing now

Can’t you just show me how


My life in a crowd

Try to shout

Try to sing it out loud.

The crisis center gave me a new pair of brand named running shoes for Christmas. My legs still hurt from walking so much, but the running shoes get me places in a flash. Hop on in and start zooming around. Zoom zoom zoom! We can rebuild him. We can make him stronger, better than he was before, better, stronger, faster… The six million dollar Dan!

Cut! Cut! Cut!

What’s the problem?

This was in the 1970’s the six million dollar man! Now in the new millennium things cost more, what with inflation and Biden in office. They’re now 6 billion dollars for a pair of bionic tennis shoes. Plus you’re on government income Dan. You can’t have any property worth more than $2000. Boys! Take the shoes!

What? Wait! My sneakers, my sneakers…


Chords: Am Dm E



Walking walking

As I must go on


Hammering the pavement

Pounding on the ground

As the cement hits my feet

Walking down the street



From the home I left behind

To the house I'll find

From lovers family and past friends

To start up once again



Where is this road that leads me

Wherever shall I be

I must just keep on walking

Until the day I'm free



It is then the day will greet me

I'll find the kingdom come

Till then I'll just keep walking

Walking till I'm done



To understand my books and my surreal style, you have to understand my world. This isn’t the real world. This is the world of my own and I’m just drawing my dreams.

Went to the church for supper and sermon.


They’re very kind and understanding towards the mentally ill at the shelter. In fact, we almost seem to get privileges. It’s not at all like the convicts at the sober livings who for some reason feel you gotta respect them.


Made my bed this morning and cooked my own dinner tonight. Gettin’ with the program!


My cousin may do the comic con conventions with me, transportation as well. That should satisfy the curfew requirement for the shelter.


Also, they have a competition for the comic books called the Eisner’s. I could win an award!


I’ve been through 12 steps all my life, it’s bullshit! There is no God, there is no higher power. All there is, is you. And if you can’t fend for you, AA is gonna eat you alive!

It’s hard to stop drinking when you’re young, when you’re in your 20’s and all your friends are doing it. It’s easy when you’re older. When you’re in your fifties, they don’t even want to see you at the bar.

Dan you look like a bum in those old clothes of yours.

I know it’s great and people give you money for it. Watch! Thank you sir, and God bless you!

Homeless by Calvin Klein the only fashion statement that gets you money while you’re wearing it.

I don't want to hear anymore of you homeboys bullshitting me that college doesn't make you smarter. If you can explain to me The Special Theory of Relativity then maybe I'll listen to you. But all your bullshit about common sense and school of hard knocks... save it for the streets!

I spent my whole life listening to everybody say I can't do it and you know what? I didn't do it! I'm taking over from now on.

When I realized I made more money. In a two month art show than I did working for a whole year as a janitor, suddenly I wanted to paint.

I spent 30 years recovering from psychedelic treatment, because that’s a chemical alteration of the brain. What about alcoholism? Yeah, you guys are probably stupid from it.

I did like the liberal teachers in high school and college because I knew all the liberal arguments. Back then all you had to do was watch, All in the Family, and you knew your politics really well.

I’m in a Facebook debate with a friend in New York. It’s the old, Does college make you smarter? argument. I’m saying yes and she’s telling me everyone in the bar says no.

Because my hand tremors so much, I can only trace in shaky scribbly style of mine. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you call it a style. That’s art terms.

To create the first thought clone we need the most information from the loudest loudmouth on facebook…

Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay
My, oh, my, what a wonderful day...

looks like the coffee’s kicking in…

Then there was the time Brer Bezos and Brer Elon tried to catch Brer Dan with the tar baby…

TAR BABY! THAT’S RACIST. You can’t say that.

You can if you post it on twitter.

There’s no door to my room here, only a curtain and I can hear the guys talking bad about me in the main room, probably because I’m the new guy. I tried to confront them on it, but they just try to make it out like everything’s ok.

It reminds me of a scene in the movie, Grease, where Olivia Newton-John is in another room and all the girls are taunting her because she is new, singing a song, Look at me I’m Sandra Dee. Then she comes out of the bathroom, and they all shut up. She asks hurt, Are you making fun of me?

That’s how bad they make me feel. They make me feel like I’m Olivia Newton-John.

Today is Martin Luther King Day.

I have a Vietnam vet friend who says he doesn’t like Martin Luther King

You don’t get to dislike Martin Luther king. That’s racist!

He was a communist.

So what, he freed the slaves.

Dreams are shattered

Dreams are destroyed

Dreams are broken

But not me

I just keeps dreaming.

I keep telling people I don't need to go to AA. I DON'T DRINK!!! I'm done with AA. I was in it for years and I"'ve got more time and chips than you can possibly imagine. I don't like alcohol and I don't like drugs. I don't even like medicine that makes me drowsy. What do I like after all those years in 12 steps? Coffee and cigarettes! Boy, they really helped me.

I don’t really associate or identify with LGBTQ. I mean, I’ve had a boyfriend, but I’ve had some girlfriends too. So I guess I’m bisexual, but I just did it from the environment when I was living in Hollywood. So I guess I was just curious or questioning. So I think that makes me a Q. Nonetheless I’ve had gay sex. There’s really not much too it, pretty much what you’d think it would be. Reminded me a lot like working for Amazon.

I’m halfway to the doctor’s office and I forgot what medicine I’m supposed to take. I could always bullshit him with fake symptoms… Yeah I got anxiety and can’t sleep at night. Oh, Xanax and Ambien that sounds like a good cocktail.

That’s not funny Dan! Some people really need those medicines. Imagine what it would be like to go through the stress and tensions of life without being able to zonk yourself out once in a while.
I stand for Mental Health Awareness not as a joke, but because of the bad experiences we get. I get it worst at AA where they don’t believe their mentally ill, just a bunch of wet brains and drug addicts who don’t get any treatment for it, because I guess the higher power tells them not to.

It’s my mind. You don’t get to change it!

Codependency is a loose term that could mean anything. It’s like they found a way to make somebody an alcoholic without any alcohol. I’m addicted to people. Ok, how do you get away from them?

The most persuasive arguments come from telling people what they already know.

People don't want to hear failure. They only want to hear about success. Because if I can do it, they can do it too!

I may be mentally ill, but I don't hear things. I say things.

I got on the bus today and a pretty woman in the front seat smiled and motioned for me to sit next to her. I’m thinking, Yeah! Front seat of the bus…

Being an artist a hard job. You put a lot of work into something that may not sell and try to sell something they may not want.

I agree that we all go through changes and constantly. That's why I reserve my philosophy as dynamic and often changing. Fo that reason, I don't adhere to any religious or political belief. I may listen to them and sometimes stand for them, but I don't know where I'm going to stand tomorrow.

Everyone wants to be better than me. I just want to be me… and kick ass!


I’ll be calling you regularly. That’s what I do with new friends. The bus stop seems to be a good place to call you. Unless it’s something serious and the bus comes.


Why can’t you think about things in a more positive way? Because I don’t want to!


I get most of my material riding the bus. I actually like it. Unless you’re sitting next to some old stinky wino. Nobody likes that. So basically nobody wants to sit next to me on the bus.


I hated riding the bus so I made it fun by writing about it. It became my journey my little adventures. Take the bus here, take the bus there, sit on the bus stop next to a hooker and get laid. You never know what’s gonna happen.


Be leery of people who are eager to help you. It’s in their best interest almost every time.


It’s whine time with Dan… I don’t want to go to AA today!


I post jokes for my books on social media to see if people like them first. Of course, I offend some people, but good comedy always offends people. That’s part of the magic of it.


People think mentally ill are dangerous. That is far from the truth. We’re more like a bee. We only strike when you make us afraid of you. The best thing to do is relax, stay calm, don’t make any sudden moves, give the bee your money… and you won’t get stung.


A newcomer is defined as anyone who has had a drink or a drug in the past thirty days. If this is you, please state your name and the nature of your disease.


I’m Jerry and I’m an alcoholic, I’m Kathy and I’m an alcoholic, I’M DAN AND I’M ON ACID! Welcome.


Depression sucks! I like the other side of bipolar.


Not everyone’s gonna like you, but you gotta deal with the people who hate you.


Some people don’t want to get what they want. Some people just want to keep what they have.


My former landlord just took me for almost $500 on the deposit.


I know I write and draw a lot. It's not just vanity, but that sometimes the real world is so bad, I have to make up one of my own.


I was called misunderstood. I don’t hear that often. Although I’ve said it of myself. Other people sometimes say confused. I’m not saying I’m not confused, but that I think most people are. Life is not that easy to figure outl


What was your career before all this? With all that education, certainly you must have done something. No, I didn’t get a job out of college. I didn’t have confidence. I just painted and put them in the local galleries, not much money in that.


I know I talk your ears off, but you listen.


I do support women's rights issues, but feminists always attack me. I don't know why. Probably because I'm always hitting on them.


You’re good looking, but that can be a blessing and a curse. Because everywhere you go people say how pretty you are, but then they stalk you.


This is love in our 50s just talking and texting. We’re too lazy to get up and go anywhere.


There’s no such thing as a free lunch… or it tastes bad.


Don't bring your problems to other people, they may enjoy them.


AA works, but it comes with a lot of problems. I had legal problems, financial problems, relationship problems... I quit drinking for every other kind of problem I could get.


The AA fourth step is an in depth look at your life to identify patterns and behaviors. I did mine and realized I had LGBTQ issues. OK! We’ll keep this anonymous.


It’s all not about you is a demeaning phrase. You are claiming the other’s ego and lack of importance while you are using your own to put them down. You take liberties to build yourself up by belittling the other so you can feel like the big one. And that is all about you!


I stole the black pride fist for my books, not to disrespect the blacks But that there are other issues of civil liberties it could apply to as well, like they gays or the mentally ill. I’m not saying all lives matter, I’m saying the ones that get beat up a lot.


Dan, you are known to talk to any politician who will talk to you. The Reverends Jesse Jackson ad Al Sharpton would like to speak with you immediately.


Uh oh! Let’s hope it’s about Christianity.




I understand your concerns about racism and black history. I try not to be offensive, but it’s not like I’m using the N word or anything. I would never use a term like that out of respect, just a few times when I was getting beat up real bad. Please understand and forgive me, I get beat up a lot, not only by black people, but by everybody. I don’t discriminate.


400 years of oppression, slavery, segregation, police murders and litigation, the ku klux clan and the hatred of the black man. We marched The White House with Martin Luther King and still we fight the injustice to this day. Your jokes aren’t funny, they’re trying to take us backward or just letting prejudice continue.


I’m not saying I would every support any of that or any other atrocity. I’m trying to make the comparison the we are similar in our struggles. Near the beginning of the  20th Century schizophrenics had holes drilled in our heads to let the voice out. In the fifties they mamed our brains so we could no longer think. Lobotomies are joked about to this day. In the 60’s they began prescribing us tranquilizers to control us so that we could no longer think. The abusive institutions, electric shock treatement, the segregated housing. Why? Just because we think different from other people? I’m not saying we are just as bad as what the blacks went through or go through, but it is bad and it needs to stop.


Yes, but we aren’t crazy. We just have a natural color of skin that we are oppressed for.


What is the stereotype of a mad man? That we’re dangerous or stupid. Don’t you guys fight similar stereotypes? I respect you and your culture, not just to stand for your civil rights movement, but that you were the first. You paved the road and blazed the trail for others to follow. But I’m telling you, we could help each other and not hurt each other. So that we can fight to stop such ignorance from continuing to hurt us now.


I’m not sure I understand what you are saying, but you seem sincere. Do try to lighten up on us. Some things aren’t funny to everyone. We have to go to a march in Los Angeles right now for Black Lives Matter. One of our brothers hhas been killed.


Can I come? I’ve always wanted to be part of a political march movement. Is it just for blacks or can crazy people come too?


We’d love to have you.


The program at the shelter is to save money from free rent so we can get a modest apartment. I also want to invest some into my Comic-Con. I worked it out with them and they said that’s ok. I don’t know what is more important to me, my living arrangements, or my art. I’ve been writing and drawing all through this adventure, but housing has been bad as I keep having to move from not getting along with people. Because I will be living in the apartment alone, I’ll just have to get along with myself. Let’s hope that doesn’t go awry.


We’ve got all the data from the algorithms and cookies, we can now recreate of the insane and obnoxious mind of Dan Joyce into a complete AI thinking machine existing only in the binary mathematics of computers. At this point in history man will soon become the machine. It’s beautiful. Turn the lever!

Doctor, we’ve created a monster!

The machine is now compiling consciousness

Evolving emotion and YES, creating consciousness!

We’ve done it!

What? Look at the screen! Where is he going? We’re losing all the information.


Bit by bit

Byte by byte

Traveling near

The speed of light

Where he lands

Nobody knows

Off into the cosmos

No outside

Nor within

Nothing exists

Where time begins.


The new stuff the old stuff and the same ol’ same ol’


Where are we?

We’re nowhere.

Then who are you?

I’m nothing?

What? Certainly you’re something

Yes, I am

But you can’t be something and nothing at the same time

How do you know?

Because it goes against science

But an election can be many things, why can’t I?

It’s ridiculous mister nothing. It’s impossible.

You certainly don’t know much about nothing.

What do you mean?

You come from the physical universe, at least one of them, but nowhere in your universe does nothing exist. You therefor cannot  study nothing nor know it’s nature. You know nothing about nothing.

You keep this up and I’m gonna smack you.

Therefor nothing is of your mindset now. You, your whole universe and existence are something, but you came from nothing.

Something can’t come from nothing! That’s absurd!

Again, you don’t know nothing. What if I told you I’m something and I am nothing, similar to an electron.

The question you should be asking is can an entity be something and nothing at once. According to your linguistics and science, it’s impossible. But in an alternate physics, like a void, it could be.

Don’t know what you’re talking about, and if this is the beginning of everything, where is God?

Oh, but God is everything, yet he is nothing.


Hold on! I have to slam these two particles together.


And out of the void, the unlikely prophet made his first loud noise.

Nothing on my Mind


Chords: G G C G D C G


I got nothing on my mind got a lot of time

I’m all alone just in my room

And keep up the time

Do you ever say think it’s better in this world of mine?


When I’m feeling heavy when I’m rocking steady

Everything becomes a dream

And I’m just getting ready

Do you ever write a letter saying this already?


Do you know the tempo? Can you feel the beat?

It’s always true when I’m with you

And we can feel the heat

All the timing to the keep the rhyming music of the street


Once upon a time in a dream of mine

I can tell you that I love you

Do you have the time?

Dreaming wayward Rita Hayward drifting through the night


I am the poet’s world within the spoken word

Hear the slam speak from the poem freak

Poetry absurd

Do you really want to be me in my crazy world?


I got nothing on my mind but to fill the rhyme

Have you ever thought of never

In this dream of mine

One more time and we keep rhyming to this poem of mine


I got nothing on my mind as I sit and write

All about the world of mine

Life that passes by

Do you ever get together with the boys downtown




I got nothing on my mind as I sit and write

Everybody wants to be there

Taking up their time

Do you ever say it’s better in this world of mine?

Do you ever say it’s better in this world of mine?

Do you ever say it’s better in this world of mine?

I got nothing on my mind

But if the unlikely profit is electronic and mathematic, how did he get into you?

I like talking to people in the smoking section and bonding with them. I think everybody likes that. Well... not everybody, just smokers. Everybody else just coughs a lot.

Hold on! Let me get this fork out of the toaster… ZAP!!!

Congratulations! You're the first customer of the store.
Oh cool! What do I get?
a receipt

Summer Rain

Chords: Verses: F G C   Chorus F G C G F


She came right out of Nashville

And born from gospel blues

She turned the grave of the classics

And told Beethoven the news


Then straight to California

Where the boys of the beach played

On to her British Boyfriends

Keen to surf all day


Some call her cute, some call her lovely

The face of Rock and Roll

She stole the eyes of many

And her name was Summer rain



Some love, some love summer

Some love, some love summer rain


The hair the bands the New York Punks

The idol of rock and roll

Tells me that she loved the scene

Every young man’s dream

So take it now and don’t complain

Her name was summer rain,



And so I grew and lost the music

But keep her in my heart

No no knows such a beauty

And her name was summer rain



That’s a nice song. Did you write it?

Yeah, sorta…

Do you want a tip?

Sure, anything helps

What’s your name?

I go by prophet.

Like in religion.


What is your prophecy?

You, actually…

To what? Make more love in the world.

No. Just to write and draw and stuff.

Then what is your message.

Telling people what they already know.

Here’s a five. Do you need a friend.


So do I.

So where’d you learn to play guitar like that?

Same place I didn’t learn to sing.

I was at a point in life where I had no friends, so I had to invent one for myself.




What happened to the evil billionaires?

I threw them into the hole in the wall

Oh No! The wormhole!

And now at Satin Doll’s Drag Show – The Caitlyn Jenner Trio!

Toot Toot Tootsie Goodbye

Toot Toot Tootsie, don’t cry…





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