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Pet and People Portraits


Dan Joyce

$25 each

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Have a dog or a cat you want immortalized? Don't want to leave the house or pose to another location? I can draw any pet beautifully!


Wedding? Engagement? Just a cute couple? I can draw you too! Think of the gift value of impressing your loved ones with an original work of art commemorating them! Capture the sparkle in your lover's eyes!


Something scenic? A Favorite Travel Spot?


Or you just want me to capture you?

Got a selfie?

I can do it all!!!

No photo is too hard

just not too blurry


Here's how it works:!

    You send me the photo via email your photo to: danjoyce.dj@gmail.com I'll send back a PayPal invoice for $25 per photo. I draw it with my iPad and a stylus pen. Then I email you back the file for your art. You do the printing as many as you'd like. It's as easy as that. Files are formatted to 8.5x11 inches, an A3, a standard letter sized piece of paper. The print will fit perfectly in an inexpensive standard sized frame and/or matte with an opening of 8x10 inches. You can change the size if you'd like, although I don't recommend going too big. You are responsible for printing the image yourself. I sell internationally anywhere in the world and your pic will be ready in a few days, a great late gift idea!

Ask any questions or order now!