Dan Joyce Art

I consider myself a transcendental painter, creating from my subconscious. All my work is about me. I know that sounds egotistical, but it isn’t; an artist captures what he/she knows. I do well when I take my time, but I find it more challenging to paint rapidly, capturing a subject or image’s raw emotional quality. I am also very prolific. Whether a painting, a poem, a song or a video, I do something creative everyday.

Mental health, sobriety, existentialism, and world religions.

Artistic Influences: Music. People. Color. Love. Modern Art History. Jackson Pollack’s action painting. Rapid painting. Andy Warhol’s mechanical drawings. Vincent Van Gogh. Marciano and Richard Martinez (teachers/mentors). Technology.

Musical Influences: Miles Davis. John Lennon. Tupac Shakur. Bob Dylan. Johnny Cash. Carlos Santana. The Ramones.

Writing Influences: James Joyce and stream of conscious. Oscar Wilde. Joseph Conrad. Ernest Hemingway. Maya Angelo. Charles Bukowski. Sylvia Plath. Walt Whitman. Allen Ginsberg. Tennessee Williams.